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NEWS | June 10, 2020

Army offering up to $30k for active duty PSYOP specialists

By U.S. Army Recruiting Command Public Affairs Office U.S. Army Recruiting Command Public Affairs Office

The U.S. Army is seeking qualified individuals to serve as active duty psychological operations specialists and is offering signing bonuses up to $30,000 or student loan repayment up to $65,000, depending on the length of the term of service and the training ship date.

In addition to the sign-on bonus, Soldiers are eligible for up to $4,000 per year in tuition assistance to pursue higher education opportunities in the field of their choice along with a competitive benefits package, including healthcare, housing and meal allowances, and a variety of family support programs.

Psychological operations specialists are experts in wielding influence, analyzing the susceptibilities and vulnerabilities of specific foreign audiences, and crafting messages and actions to influence and engage target audiences.

“Looking at my career within PSYOP, I can honestly say that I’m pleased with the decision I made,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jordan, a Soldier with 4th PSYOP Group. “This MOS is for those not looking to stand on the sidelines or sit behind a desk. You must be ready and willing to push your limits, both mentally and physically, self-disciplined, taking proactive steps with everything you do as this will be expected and required of you every day within the PSYOP regiment.”

Some of the skills Soldiers gain are the ability to analyze and organize information; build rapport in unfamiliar surroundings; and attain college-level aptitude in social sciences.

“The unique attributes and skillsets possessed as a psychological operations non-commissioned officer gave me the opportunity to perform high-level operations with overwhelming effectiveness,” Jordan said. “PSYOP Soldiers find themselves interacting with top Department of State and Defense officials to advise, plan, and execute a wide variety of mission sets within the information battlespace. I spent time engaged with the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to ensure cooperation from the Department of State and garner support as I planned special military operations.”

To qualify to be a psychological operations specialist, applicants must score a minimum of 105 on the general technical line score of the Armed Forces Qualification Test and pass the Occupational Physical Assessment Test at the moderate level.

Psychological operations specialists attend Military Police One Station Unit Training, which combines Army Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training in a 20-week course.

Upon graduation, Soldiers will attend Airborne training, followed by a three-week PSYOP Preparation and Conditioning Course, which will assist with honing physical conditioning and common Soldier skills. Upon successful completion of POPC, Soldiers will then attend the 10-day Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection Course. This program tests and assesses the Soldiers’ psychological, intellectual, physical and problem-solving capabilities within a team environment.

Once selected at POAS, Soldiers will complete the remaining phases of their qualification course:
• Orientation
• PSYOP Qualification Course
• PSYOP Culmination Exercise
• Language and Culture
• Graduation

These skills can lead to 50 different certifications or credentials through the Army Credentialing Opportunities On-Line Program.

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