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JBSA 2020: the future of the customer experience is here

By Jeff D. Champagne | 502nd Air Base Wing Interactive Customer Evaluation Site Administrator/Program Manager | Feb. 10, 2020


Is your organization prepared to meet the needs of its customers? Do you know what your customers need and expect from your organization? 

Customers are much more informed and vocal now and have more options. They are less likely to be locked into following traditional methods.

The Joint Base San Antonio Interactive Customer Evaluation, or ICE, program can assist by providing real-time customer feedback data about the services you provide.  

What JBSA customers expect in 2020

With the explosion of digital and social innovation, companies and like-minded organizations are now finding themselves personalizing the customer experience based on customer feedback.

Today’s customer wants to interact on their terms, in a timely manner, and expects the organization to proactively address current and future needs. The ICE program can meet this demand by providing quick turnaround data on service quality.

The valued feedback we receive from our customers’ then gives commanders and leaders the ability to make instantaneous process improvement decisions.

The ICE program also provides access to historical data, trending data, and the ability to benchmark your services against other similar organizations throughout the Department of Defense. 

Over the next few years, customer service will overtake price, promotion and product.

Want to stay ahead? ICE is here to help

If you are not already a participant in the JBSA ICE program, now is a great time to join the team of more than 650 ICE service providers across San Antonio military installations.

ICE managers promote and influence customer service leadership roles throughout any participating organization. The more customer service leaders you have in your organization the better.

Many participating organizations have multiple directorates or departments that participate in ICE. When you have the ability to gather information from different services combined, it allows for a more holistic approach and understanding of the customers experience in that respective organization. ICE managers hold a respective and vital role when it comes to recognizing trends and areas for process improvement.

Customer-focused organizations should recognize the shift in their customer’s expectations through data in feedback. Trending data will surface what your organization is doing right and what you could improve on.

When ICE is used effectively, it leverages customer feedback to create a better overall customer experience.

Are you ready to join the team? If your organization is interested in becoming an ICE participant or to submit comments or questions about the JBSA ICE Program, contact the JBSA ICE administrator at 210-221-2543.