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Restoration project enhances Parr Club patio’s aesthetics, improves drainage

By Robert Goetz | 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs | April 12, 2019


A restoration project at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph’s historic Parr Club has turned back the hands of time, returning the facility’s patio to much the way it looked during the installation’s building boom in the early 1930s.

Begun in August 2017, the project addressed drainage problems that accumulated over time, causing degradation of the Parr Club’s foundation and the patio’s concrete slab, and added significant aesthetic improvements, including a new terrazzo finish and new tiles on the exterior of the basin surrounding the fountain, one of the patio’s focal points.

“The patio has been restored to be structurally sound and safety issues have been eliminated,” said Sylvia Rodriguez, 802nd Civil Engineer Squadron project manager, who oversaw the project. “At the same time, the aesthetics of the patio and fountain have been upgraded.”

Rainwater that did not drain away properly caused degradation of the foundation and activation of the organics in the soil underneath the building, causing the patio slab to slope, Rodriguez said. In addition, rainwater leached into the soil below the club.

“Damage to the surrounding concrete slab patio along the walls of the building caused a 5- to 6-inch drop in several areas,” she said.

The original plan called for lifting and stabilizing the patio’s slab, Rodriguez said, but a test revealed that approach would not succeed, so the entire slab was replaced, requiring 350 tons of concrete.

In addition to replacing the slab and terrazzo finish, refurbishing the fountain and improving drainage, the project involved installing a clay cap to curtail the migration of water into the club’s basement; replacing sidewalks to conform to the new grade; replacing post-mounted light fixtures; floating the existing concrete cool deck near the adjoining pool to alleviate low spots or ponding and achieve better drainage; sanding the existing stairway to the second floor of the club and repainting it to match the original color; and landscaping.

Jonathan Scoggins, 802nd CES project manager, said the light fixtures contribute to the ambience of the patio.

“The light fixtures make for a nice flow, helping to make the patio an aesthetically pleasing place for people to spend their time,” he said.

The project also involved construction of a new sidewalk leading to the stairway from the club’s basement and Auger Inn, which eliminated a tripping hazard at the top of the steps.

The improvements enhance the appearance and functionality of the patio, Rodriguez said.

“The patio now has a new terrazzo finish that is weather sealed, the patio is now sloped so rainwater will not pool on the surface and drain properly off the patio, and the fountain has been restored and functions as originally intended,” she said. “Official functions and events can now enjoy the beauty of this outdoor social space.”

Shiela Leick, JBSA-Randolph clubs manager, said she is impressed with the transformation of the patio.

“The patio looks so much better than it did before,” she said. “The terrazzo tiles add a much better look without compromising the original historic character of our building. The fountain also looks better; the tiles were replaced and it looks new again considering it’s the same age as the building.”

Rodriguez called the project a civil engineering team effort and singled out Alan White, JBSA-Randolph cultural resources adviser, for his role in ensuring the project maintained the patio’s historic character.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project and opening of the patio is planned in the near future, Leick said.

“Customers will once again be able to enjoy being outside on nice days and look out over the pool area, especially at night when the pool is all lit up,” she said.