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NEWS | Jan. 18, 2019

Feedback Fridays

By Brig. Gen. Laura L. Lenderman 502d Air Base Wing Commander

Feedback Fridays is a weekly forum that aims to connect the 502d Air Base Wing with members of the Joint Base San Antonio community. Questions are collected during commander’s calls, town hall meetings and throughout the week.


If you have a question or concern, please send an email to RandolphPublicAffairs@us.af.mil using the subject line “Feedback Fridays.” Questions will be further researched and published as information becomes available.


Personnel Issues


Q. When will there be a restoration of the capability patrons at various Joint Base San Antonio installations enjoyed in borrowing materials from each of the libraries? Previously a courier system brought library materials for patrons to be able to use resources available at each library. Currently, library patrons are responsible for commuting to each library to borrow and return checked-out materials.


A. Thank you for your question! We understand your concerns. However, due to budget constraints, courier costs cannot be funded at this time.


JBSA library employees did volunteer to ferry materials throughout the JBSA libraries for a year (after the cuts) utilizing their own POVs, but this proved to be too difficult to sustain and the service was reluctantly discontinued in January of 2017.


We care very much about our services to the JBSA library patrons! Patrons across JBSA may still borrow materials from any library at JBSA. However, if the commute is too difficult, patrons have another option by using the libraries’ Inter-Library Loan System. Staff members from your desired location may order materials from other lending libraries outside of the 50 mile radius and will contact you upon receipt of materials.


To learn more, please contact your local JBSA library staff at the Keith Campbell Memorial Library at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston at 210-221-4387, the JBSA-Lackland Library at 210-671-2678, and the JBSA-Randolph Library at 210-652-5578.


Q. Can employees do a survey about their supervisor performance?


A. Great question. Unfortunately, there is not an established survey specifically for employees to provide feedback on their supervisors’ performance. We do utilize unit climate assessments, which each commander accomplishes on an annual basis. The surveys are an anonymous avenue to provide feedback to the commander on a variety of issues, including supervisor’s performance.


For more direct feedback, employees are encouraged to communicate issues to their supervisor and chain of command.


Installation & Facilities


Q. When is a drive-through car wash coming to JBSA-Lackland?


A. Great news, there is a plan to add a drive-through car wash to JBSA-Lackland! The Air Force Services Activity is currently using JBSA- Fort Sam Houston as a test site for a new initiative of a “car wash in the box,” similar to many you see off the installations at gas stations. The JBSA-Fort Sam Houston car wash site work has just started, and after the project is completed and tested, the 502nd Force Support Squadron will push forward to add the drive-through car wash at JBSA-Lackland. 

In the meantime, please visit the newly renovated “do-it-yourself” carwash on JBSA-Lackland at 2120 Carswell Drive.


Q. Is there any plan to modernize and expand the gates on JBSA-Lackland to increase security and traffic flow?  


A. Great question! There definitely is a plan. Our Civil Engineers and Security Forces personnel have been working hard on improvements for gates across JBSA. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough money to do everything at once.


Improvements are being done in phases. For JBSA-Lackland specifically, we will start construction later this month to install security equipment at the Valley Hi Gate, and then do the same with Growden later in the year.


Also later this year, we will be repairing barriers at Security Hill, Luke East, and Selfridge East. Late next year, we expect to start construction on barrier improvements at Valley Hi. We’ve also developed a project to completely rebuild the Luke East Gate which is making its way through the Air Force funding process now.                                                                                                       




Q. Why do vehicles drive during morning Reveille?


A. It’s tough to know why some drivers don’t stop their vehicle while Reveille is playing. But, your question provides a great opportunity to remind everyone about a long standing tradition we hold dear in the military.


We ask our employees, partners, and our guests to honor our country’s flag whenever Reveille or Retreat is played.


To that end, each military service has published guidelines for how personnel will respond to these events. The Army published Army Regulation 600-25. The Navy published OPNAV Instruction 1710.7A. And the Air Force published Air Force Instruction 31-1201.


Here at JBSA, since installation support is provided by the 502d Air Base Wing, we use AFI 31-1201 to guide us. This publication describes bringing vehicles to a stop at the side of the road and sitting quietly till the conclusion of the music.


That said, regardless of a person’s service background or affiliation with JBSA, we ask everyone on base to briefly stop to honor our flag and this long standing tradition each time Reveille or Retreat plays.