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NEWS | July 13, 2018

Area triplets continue a legacy of Army service

By Laurri L. Garcia U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, San Antonio Public Affairs

Triplets Kylee, Madeline and Garrett Mayfield, originally born in Corpus Christi, Texas, but now of San Antonio, are soon to join the ranks of the Army as newly enlisted Soldiers.  


Kylee was the first of the recent graduates of James Madison High School to join. She visited Staff Sgt. Danny O’Brien early June 12 at the Rolling Oaks Recruiting Station and was excited about the opportunities the Army could offer her.


Within days, Madeline, Kylee’s twin sister, arrived at the station as her sister’s referral and was eager to follow in her sister’s footsteps.


O’Brien expressed how impressed he as with the young ladies decision to join.


“It reflects the great responsibility and maturity these twins bring to the Army as both girls took their family into account in the decision making process,” O’Brien said.


“We joined the Army because we didn’t want to pay for college. We have four siblings and wanted to take some of the burden off of our parents,” Kylee said.


The girls enlisted under the “buddy” program and will be stationed together as they begin their careers in Military Operational Specialty 92A, Automated Logistics Specialists.


“I am excited to begin the journey with my twin sister. We have done everything together since grade school,” Kylee said.


“And it feels less scary to share this experience with them. We will all be able to relate to one another even more,” Madeline added.


Within a few days, fraternal triplet brother Garrett walked in the recruiter’s office and wanted to know if he was able to join as well. Garrett enrolled in the Army’s March to Success program, a free online tutorial service offering free study material for standardized testing preparation of all types.


Its primary purpose is to help individuals fulfil their education goals whether it is studying for the SAT, ACT and other standardized testing to include the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, the military entrance exam. It was important to Garrett to put his best foot forward and ensure he scored well when taking the ASVAB test.


“I have been wanting to join the military for a while and having my sisters do it with me just brings the three of us closer,” Garrett said.


Garrett ships a week after his sisters and chose a different career path. He is going to be a 42A, Human Resources Specialist, with and airborne option.

“These siblings are hard chargers,” O’Brien said. “They come from a military family and hope to fulfil a tradition of service.


“The triplets have great respect for their grandfather who served in the Army and hope to follow in his footsteps making this a true legacy of service,” O’Brien added. “They are even taking the time to work together to bring in as many referrals to the Army as they can before they ship.”