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NEWS | Feb. 23, 2017

What? Me a facility manager?! Don’t panic!

By Richard S. Campos 502nd Civil Engineer Squadron

So you have been “volun-told” by your commander or director that you will be the new facility manager for your facility or facilities.

Anxiety begins to set in. You have never been a facility manager! What does a facility manager even do? What Air Force references do you use? Is there training for this extra duty position? Multiple questions begin to emerge within your brain. No need to panic!

According to Air Force Instruction 32-9002, the role of a facility manager is to be responsible for the “care, custody and protection of the assigned real property.” The facility manager will implement every attempt to protect property from damage or loss.

Once assigned as a primary/alternate facility manager, contact Virgil D. McGee, chief of requirements, 502 Civil Engineering Squadron, at 671-0428 or at to learn when the next facility managers briefing will be scheduled. Normally, these briefings are presented every quarter.

As a facility manager, fire prevention is one feature that should be in the forefront. Not to say that the other organizations are less important, but all should work in concert to establish a work safe environment.

For the most part, facilities at Joint Base San Antonio are inspected annually. Prior to your facility inspection, a fire inspector will contact you either by phone or e-mail to arrange a time and date for your inspection.

As the facility manager, you will escort fire inspectors during scheduled inspections of the facility and initiate corrective action for all noted fire hazards.  Follow up to ensure corrective action is accomplished.

Facility managers will maintain a Fire Prevention Folder in accordance with AFI 32-1001, which should be provided with the following items:

  • Monthly facility manager inspection / extinguisher reports.

  • Unit operating instruction concerning fire safety, fire reporting and fire evacuation.

  • AF Form 1487, Fire Prevention Visit Report.

  • AF Form 332, Base Civil Work Request (fire safety related only)

  • Fire Evacuation Drill Report/Record.

  • Facility manager’s commander/director appointment letter and training certificate.

For additional references, facility managers should utilize AFI 91-203, Chapter 6, Fire Protection And Prevention. The information contained in this chapter is basically the driving force for the fire prevention section.

A Joint Base San Antonio facility manager’s fire prevention monthly report checklist has been developed to assist people in their duties at on the left hand side. Scroll down to “JBSA Quick Links” (JBSA-Fire Emergency Services), then go to “Documents” located halfway down in middle section of website, look for and click on “JBSA Facility Manager’s Fire Prevention Monthly Report Checklist” and download a copy.

For more information about the checklist, call the fire prevention offices at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston at 221-2727; at JBSA-Lackland at 671-2921; and at JBSA-Randolph at 652-6915.