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NEWS | Nov. 15, 2016

Navy Recruiting District San Antonio honors World War II Navy pilot for 100th birthday

Navy Recruiting District San Antonio Public Affairs

World War II naval aviator retired Lt. Glen Shean was honored by Cmdr. Jeffrey Reynolds, Navy Recruiting District San Antonio executive officer, during a Alamo Honor Flight Breakfast held at a restaurant in Boerne, Texas, Nov. 7.  

Shean, a Boerne resident and native of Cordell, Okla., served in the U.S. Navy as a TBF Avenger pilot from May 7, 1942 thru Oct. 1, 1946 aboard the USS Card (CVE-11), a Bogue-class escort aircraft carrier. 

The breakfast also served as a venue to celebrate Shean’s 100th birthday, which occurred Oct. 30.


Joining Reynolds in the celebration was the Boerne High school choir, which sang patriotic songs and “Happy Birthday” to Shean.


“This was bigger than what I expected,” said Russell Minor, past vice-president of Alamo Honor Flight.  “It was unbelievable to have the Navy attend and the choir for Boerne High School here.”  


Minor has known Shean for five years and met him when he signed Shean up for honor flights.


According to Minor, a native of Boerne, nine breakfast groups throughout San Antonio, to include Boerne, have been meeting monthly since November 2010 and Shean is the first 100th birthday celebrated.


“It means the world to me that these guys are remembered and that they will never be forgotten,” Minor said. “Anytime we can celebrate and honor our troops, it’s a good day.”


Reynolds began his remarks by thanking the veterans for their service. 

“There are actions, deeds, and service of you all that put my 18 years in the Navy to shame,” Reynolds said. “You all have laid the foundation for what I have done in my career.  Thank you!”


He also told the audience that Shean’s composite squadron, VC-12, was disbanded after the war and segments of the squadron were re-established giving birth to the airborne early-warning squadrons of today.  

“We are a very small Navy family in San Antonio and anytime we can recognize a member of the family, we take that opportunity.”


After being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation, a decorative paddle, and other Navy memorabilia, Shean stated, “Today was a good day and thank you.”


The Grumman TBF Avenger was an American torpedo bomber developed initially for the United States Navy and Marine Corps and eventually used by several air and naval aviation services around the world.