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Joint Base San Antonio AllSpark

The leaders of innovation cells at Joint Base San Antonio have opened the lines of communication in order to share ideas that can benefit units and organizations throughout the installation.

Since July 2021, innovation cells led by members of various JBSA wings, major commands, and units have had informal quarterly meetings to discuss how they can collaborate, sharing ideas and solutions, to help JBSA as a whole. Now, through official innovation, or spark, cells, Airman and Guardians at JBSA can connect, collaborate, and tap into the growing body of knowledge around innovation in the Air Force and Space Force. Currently, there are over a dozen spark cells at JBSA. 



AFWERX, a Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the innovation arm of the Department Air Force, accelerates agile and affordable capability transitions by teaming innovative technology developers with Airman and Guardian talent. In AFWERX, AFVentures expands the Defense Industrial base for advanced technologies, Spark empowers Airmen and Guardian talent, and Prime drives transition to operational capability. Teaming across academia, industry, investment, interagency, and international partners is essential to expanding technology, talent, and transition of dual-use capabilities. Last year, Fast Company ranked AFWERX #16 of Best Workplaces for Innovators.

The AFWERX MISSION is to accelerate agile and affordable capability transitions by teaming innovative technology developers with Airman and Guardian talent. You can learn more about AFWERX and our mission HERE.


SPACEWERX is the innovation arm of the U.S. Space Force and a part of AFWERX, powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory. SPACEWERX blends the best of commercial innovation with the needs of the men and women of the U.S. Space Force who depend on space technology to do their jobs. Learn more about SPACEWERX HERE

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