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Dependent And Retiree ID Card Renewal Online

Contact Information


phone  Phone: Fort Sam Houston-(210) 221-0415
                  Lackland-(210) 671-6006
                  Wilford Hall-(210) 292-7144
                  Randolph-(210) 652-3036

Time  Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:30 am-4:30 pm

Time  Closed: Holidays

Map Address: Fort Sam Houston: 2484 Stanley Rd. Room 100, 78234
                     Lackland: 5616 Stewart St., 78236
                     Randolph: 550 D Street East, 78150

 Appointments: Appointment Scheduler

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Step 1

Sign & Save the forms below.


Step 2

Take a 4×6 ” photo against a white background.

For additional information on photo guidelines please see instructions in step one.

  • Photos must be 4×6 inches
  • Passport Photo App (iPhone)
  • Passport Photo App (Android)


Step 3

Upload the following documents to AMRDEC:

In the “Recipient” field of AMRDEC copy and paste the following:

  • Fort Sam Houston:
  • Lackland:
  • Randolph:

    Include pick up location in subject line.

Follow the AMRDEC prompts to verify your email address and submit your application.


Pick up at requested location in seven days

Dependents must be present to sign for their card
Must bring the two forms of ID provided in application