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Refilling Prescriptions
Refilling Prescriptions Refills called in by Noon will be ready the following duty day at JBSA-Lackland and JBSA-Randolph sites.
Refills called in by Noon will be ready in 3 duty days at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston sites.
Refill Your Prescription by Phone

Call (210) 292-9995 or (800) 469-7170

Pharmacy Call-In Refill Instructions

Select Location:
Option 1: JBSA-Fort Sam Houston or Camp Bullis sites
Option 2: JBSA-Lackland, JBSA-Randolph or North Central Federal Clinic sites

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Call-in Refill Pharmacy System

Option 1: JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Community Pharmacy
Option 2: San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) Main Ambulatory Pharmacy
Option 3: JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Primary Care Pharmacy
Option 4: Camp Bullis Pharmacy
Option 5: Schertz Medical Home Pharmacy

JBSA Air Force Refill System

Option 1: JBSA-Lackland Satellite Pharmacy
Option 2: JBSA-Randolph BX Pharmacy
Option 3: Air Force Village Residents
Option 4: Wilford Hall Clinic Pharmacy
Option 6: JBSA-Lackland Commissary
Option 9: North Central Federal Clinic

After Selecting Location:
Option 1: Refill or check the status of your prescription
Option 2: Drug information on a prescription
Option 3: Hours of operation
Option 4: Instructions on using this automated phone system
Option 5: Speak with a pharmacy staff member (during duty hours)
Option 6: Refill availability information
Option 7: Connect to voicemail (lost/unknown prescription number, vacation refills)
Option 9: Select different location

After Selecting Option 1 (refill/status):
Enter last four digits of sponsor's social security number, followed by "#" key.
Enter numeric-only portion of prescription number, followed by "#" key.
Press "1" to refill this prescription, press "2" to check prescription status.
At prompt enter the second prescription number, and so forth.
·         Prescriptions will be held for 7 calendar days.