JBSA-RANDOLPH JOINT LAND USE STUDY: The JLUS is a joint effort between the cities of Cibolo, Converse, Garden Ridge, Live Oak, San Antonio, Schertz, Selma, and Seguin, and the counties of Bexar and Guadalupe, and JBSA-Randolph. It was undertaken in an effort to guide planning and development in local jurisdictions surrounding JBSA-Randolph, JBSA-Seguin Auxiliary Airfield (JBSA-Seguin), and the Stinson Municipal Airport (Stinson). The goal of the JBSA-Randolph JLUS is to protect the viability of current and future military training operations, while simultaneously guiding community growth, sustaining the environmental and economic health of the region, and protecting public health, safety, and welfare. It contains recommendations that address the need for increased coordination and communication between JBSA-Randolph, local governments, regional agencies, and the public as well as addressing public health, safety, and welfare, and protection of quality of life in the areas surrounding JBSA-Randolph and its sub-facilities.

2008 AIR INSTALLATION COMPATIBLE USE ZONE STUDY (AICUZ): The objective of the AICUZ program is to achieve compatible uses of public and private lands in the vicinity of military airfields. The AICUZ Study provides the information necessary to maximize beneficial use of the land surrounding Randolph AFB while minimizing the potential for degradation of the health and safety of the affected public. This AICUZ Study contains a description of the area of influence around the base. The report outlines the location of runway clear and accident potential zones, and noise contours, and recommends compatible land use for areas in the vicinity of the base. It is our hope this information will be incorporated into your community comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, building codes, and other related documents. We greatly value the positive relationship JBSA-Randolph has experienced with its neighbors in the Greater San Antonio area over the years. As a partner in the process, we have attempted to minimize disturbances generated by our aircraft operations in the area. We solicit your cooperation in implementing the recommendations and guidelines presented in this report.

AMENDMENT TO THE 2008 AIR INSTALLATION COMPATIBLE USE ZONE STUDY:  In July 2015, the 2008 Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) study was amended.  This amendment to the AICUZ clarifies that even though JBSA-Randolph’s clear zones were previously drawn to show only the portions within the installation boundary, all clear zones are 3000 x 3000 feet extending outward from the runway ends.  The pages affected in this amendment are 4-1, 4-13, and A-7.            


AICUZ CITIZEN’S BROCHURE: The Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) is a program concerning people, their comfort, safety, and protection. This brochure summarizes the AICUZ Study for Randolph Air Force Base (AFB), Texas. The AICUZ program is an extensive analysis of the effects of aircraft noise, aircraft accident potential, and land use development upon present and future neighbors of Randolph AFB. 

VA AND FHA LOAN PROGRAM FORM: Home buyers purchasing existing homes in clear zones around JBSA-Randolph may be eligible for VA and FHA loans. Loans are processed by each organization, and prospective buyers should contact the VA and FHA for more information about this opportunity.