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Power grid protection at forefront of San Antonio, JBSA electromagnetic defense initiatives
January 12, 2021
CPS Energy’s Vice President of Grid Transformation & Engineering, Richard Medina, front, and Chief Security, Safety & Gas Solutions Officer Fred Bonewell evaluate security measures at an area substation.

Electromagnetic Pulse Defense teams continue building resiliency
May 15, 2020
Joint Base San Antonio-Electromagnetic Defense Initiative member Lt. Col. Eddie K. “Thumper” Stamper teleconferences with leadership from the FBI InfraGard National Disaster Resiliency Council May 11, 2020.

San Antonio’s electromagnetic defense partners continue building strategy for Alamo Region
December 9, 2019
Lt. Col. Eddie K. Stamper (center), Joint Base San Antonio-Electromagnetic Defense Initiative project officer, speaks with J.O. McFalls, McFalls Associates LLC, and Klaus Weiswurm, Innovation Technology Machinery chairman and an appointee to the U.S. Air Force Civic Leader Program, before the quarterly San Antonio Electromagnetic Defense meeting at Southwest Research Center Nov. 18.