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SECAF unveils new “eSeries” classification in nod to digital future
September 16, 2020
Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett announced a new weapons system designator, the “e” series, at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference, Arlington, Va., Sept. 14, 2020. Aircraft, satellites, weapon systems and more that are digitally engineered will receive the “e” prefix.” (U.S. Air Force courtesy graphic)

AF Secretary highlights space, modernization, alliances, people as pressing priorities
February 28, 2020
Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett delivers remarks during the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 27, 2020. The three-day event is a professional development forum that offers the opportunity for Department of Defense personnel to participate in forums, speeches, seminars and workshops with defense industry professionals. (U.S. Air Force photo by Wayne Clark)

Air Force Secretary: Time to move forward with Space Force
December 12, 2019
Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett discusses establishment of a Space Force at the Ronald Reagan National Defense Forum, in Simi Valley, Calif., Dec. 7, 2019.

Senate confirms new Air Force secretary
October 18, 2019
Barbara Barrett was confirmed by the Senate Oct. 16, 2019, to be the 25th Secretary of the Air Force. As an experienced pilot, former ambassador and senior government official, Barrett was praised for her wide experience and long history with aviation and the United States military.