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Tag: Department of Veterans Affairs

VA encourages donating blood amid crisis
February 22, 2022

VA health records now display gender identity
January 18, 2022

VA adds six new presumptive conditions related to service
November 19, 2021

DOD, VA work hand in hand for better outcomes for veterans, officials tell Senate
November 4, 2021

Company recalls at-home respiratory devices
October 22, 2021

VA partners with Cybercrime Support Network to teach veterans how to fight cybercrime
October 7, 2021

Consumer Fraud Alert: Tips for avoiding VA home loan scams
July 15, 2021

Program goes virtual to help women veterans tackle healthcare
November 19, 2020

VA offers debt relief through year’s end
July 12, 2020

Mortgage, housing assistance website for veterans impacted by COVID-19
May 26, 2020

VA patients receive special visits during National Salute to Veterans
March 3, 2020

DOD partners with VA, implements Women’s Health Transition Training Program
July 22, 2019

Informational campaign at JBSA-Randolph focuses on PTSD studies
June 21, 2019

Know Your Soldier For Life Benefits: Yellow Ribbon Program
February 28, 2018