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JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Tax Center opens Monday

| 502nd Force Support Group Military Tax Assistance Center Director | Jan. 28, 2016

Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX —

With the Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston Military Tax Assistance Center opening Monday, it is important to understand where we are located, who the MTAC serves and the scope of the services provided. 

First, the main MTAC site is located on the second floor of building 131 at 1304 Stanley Road.  The San Antonio Military Medical Center site is located in the SAMMC basement in room L44-06. Make sure to confirm the location of the MTAC sites when making your appointment.

Second, the MTAC serves all active duty military members, military retirees and their dependents.

Unless you are otherwise authorized services as an active duty military member, retired military or their family members; the MTAC cannot prepare returns for civilian personnel, military contractors and the general civilian population.

The center also does not provide services for Reservists and Guardsmen, unless they are on Title 10 orders for 30 days or more or just came off of extended active duty. The MTAC also does not provide services for “gray-area” retired Reservists. If a retired Reservist or Guardsman is receiving retirement pay, they are eligible for services.

If you are not sure if you are authorized to have your taxes completed at the MTAC, a good rule of thumb is if you can obtain medical treatment from SAMMC, then you are eligible to utilize MTAC services. If you are not sure, contact the MTAC at 295-1040 to clarify your authorization.

If you’re authorized to have your taxes completed at the MTAC, what type of services does the MTAC provide?

The tax center can prepare most personal income tax returns and the staff is certified by the IRS to complete advance and military tax returns.

The MTAC can complete tax returns covering wages, interest, dividend, capital gains with basis, residential rental real estate, IRA distributions, pension, unemployment, and social security incomes and also complete Schedule C-EZ business income returns for Child Development Center daycare providers.

The MTAC can complete tax returns that require Schedule A itemized deductions and education, residential energy, dependent care, retirement savings, child tax, additional child tax and earned income credits.

The staff at the tax center is specifically trained to prepare tax returns for military members with combat zone excluded pay and other military unique tax situations.

There are certain services that are outside the scope of the MTAC. For example, the tax center does not provide tax services for day traders, capital gains without basis, people with three or more rental properties, sale of rental property, returns requiring K-1s beyond interest and royalties, farm income, foreign tax credits greater than $600 and other returns deemed outside the scope by the MTAC director.

The staff of the JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Military Tax Assistance Center looks forward to providing those eligible with outstanding personal income tax preparation services in the weeks and months ahead.

Appointments can be made beginning Friday at 295-1040 for the main tax site. Appointments for the SAMMC Tax Site can be made beginning Monday at 916-1040.