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Fitness trainer gives advice on new year fitness goals

| Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Public Affairs | Jan. 7, 2016

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas — Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph members who want to get into shape and lose those extra pounds in the new year have several options for starting a fitness program that will help them become healthier and stay fit.

JBSA-Randolph members who want to get a healthier start to the new year can go to the Rambler Fitness Center, where three certified personal trainers can help them develop an exercise routine that fits their needs.

Melanie Andraus, certified personal trainer at the Rambler Fitness Center, said the first step in starting a fitness program is to set short and long term goals. Fitness goals can give JBSA-Randolph members something to strive for and keep them motivated, Andraus said.

One of those goals can be setting a specific amount of time during the week to work out or go to the gym, Andraus said.

Once one goal is achieved, Andraus said other goals can fall into reach if a person sticks to their routine.

Andraus said a beginning exercise program should include work outs that allow a person to gradually reach their fitness goals in steps. She said people should be careful of not over working themselves because if they do they risk getting an injury.

“Start off with a moderate workout and work yourself up to a more intense workout,” Andraus said. “Your body has to build up gradually.”

Whether it’s walking, running or lifting weights, a fitness program should include activities that the person actually likes to do, Andraus said.  Other activities that can be included in a workout include using the elliptical machine, playing basketball or racquetball.

“It should be something that you enjoy,” Andraus said. “If it’s just something you absolutely hate, you’re not going to do it. The best type of workout is the one you will do, and that you won’t make excuses not to do.”

Andraus said the best fitness programs are those that include exercises for the entire body, that improve strength and help the cardiovascular system. She said a well-rounded exercise program can help burn fat and develop lean muscle mass at the same time, which helps increase metabolism in the body.

“You want a varied routine that’s keeping your body challenged in different ways throughout the week,” Andraus said.

For those JBSA-Randolph members who are on a tight schedule and have limited time to work out, Andraus said they can adapt a circuit training routine in which a person can do five to 10 exercises in 30 minutes to an hour by repeating the exercises two to three times.

Having someone to workout with can help a person stick to their routine, Andraus said.

“One of the great things is to have a friend or a partner to do it with to keep each other accountable,” Andraus said. “It just keeps you more motivated if you are not doing it alone.”

Andraus said eating healthy helps complement a good fitness routine. She said a person who exercises regularly should eat five to six times a day, including small meals and snacks. Eating healthy should consist of a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats to help fuel a person’s workout routine, Andraus said.

Healthy foods include Greek yogurt that is high in protein, not high in sugar, nuts and fruits. Andraus said nuts have a good balance of protein and healthy fats. Other foods with healthy fats include avocados, those with olive oil and flax seeds. Flax seeds include Omega 3, a fatty acid that studies show can help reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Andraus said to avoid processed foods and to cook your meals at home because you know what will be going into them.

And, Andraus said, never give up or get discouraged if you don’t meet your fitness goals for one day or one week. Have the attitude of starting back again the next day, stay motivated and keep going, she said.

Active duty members wanting to get an exercise routine free of charge can contact a Rambler Fitness Center team member at 652-7271. For more information on getting started on an exercise program, call the Rambler Fitness Center at 652-7263.