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NEWS | Nov. 12, 2013

Local police to issue tickets for blocked intersections at JBSA-Lackland

By Master Sgt. Shawn Owens 24th Air Force, ground safety manager

The Bexar County Sheriff Department will write tickets for anyone who blocks the intersections outside the Valley Hi gate here.

Traffic surveys revealed personnel accessing the base frequently block intersections and obstructing a roadway is a $300 fine.

In the mornings, many drivers pass the traffic lights at Cedarhurst and Springvale Dr. to enter the Airmen's gate. Often times, drivers fail to yield the right of way at the traffic light which causes a chain reaction as other motorists attempt to drive forward and further block the cross streets.

A traffic jam creates a hazardous situation as the drivers on the cross streets attempt to maneuver through the blocked intersections.

Forty percent of collisions and twenty-five percent of fatalities happen in intersections, according to Comedy Driving, a Texas state approved defensive driving course.

Failure to yield can create dangerous situations because a blocked intersection could prevent fire, emergency medical service or police vehicles from quickly responding to an emergency where minutes could mean life or death.

Blocking also occurs at the Luke East Gate off of Military Drive when drivers approaching from Highway 90 do not yield to the traffic light creating a traffic jam.

Comedy Driving provided a few ways to properly navigate intersections:

· Obey any signals or signs at intersections; which may include: traffic signals, turn signals, stop signs, yield signs and traffic police.
· At intersections without signs or signals yield the right-of-way to any vehicle to your right and only proceed when the roadway is clear enough to pass through the entire intersection safely.
· Before making a right turn on a red-light come to a complete stop at the intersection and make sure traffic is not approaching from the left.
· Before turning left at an intersection, drivers must yield to on-coming traffic.
· Give right of way to the street that has the most lanes. For example two-lane roads should yield to three-lane roadways.
· When driving on an unpaved road, drivers should yield to traffic on intersecting paved roads.
· At intersections with crosswalks pedestrians should be given the right-of-way. The only time a pedestrian would not have the right-of-way is if they entered a crosswalk with signals stating, "Do not walk."