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NEWS | May 20, 2014

JBSA has one phone number for facility repair requests

By Robert Goetz Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Public Affairs

Joint Base San Antonio has one telephone number for people at all locations to call when their facilities require maintenance or repairs.

Effective May 16, JBSA's customer service number, 671-5555, is located at JBSA-Lackland.

"That is the only number all JBSA customers will have to remember for customer service during and after duty hours," Deborah Gonzalez, 502nd Civil Engineer Squadron requirements chief, said. "The phones will automatically transfer to our after-duty service call at 4:30 p.m. each weekday and on weekends and holidays."

Customers who call the new number are directed to press the appropriate number for the location they are calling - 1 for JBSA-Lackland, 2 for JBSA-Fort Sam Houston and 3 for JBSA-Randolph, Gonzalez said.

"Initially, all calls will be directed to the original customer service representatives that sat at your location," she said. "Once all customer service representatives are familiar with answering calls from all of JBSA, the phone directory will be removed and anyone answering the phone will be able to help you."

The response process will not change, Gonzalez said.

"An emergency will be dispatched immediately," she said. "We will have telephonic contact with all our shop superintendents as well as our section chiefs."

Anyone can call the customer service number to report an emergency situation, Gonzalez said, but only facility managers are authorized to place other service calls.

"We are usually the first call people make when they're trying to find out whom or what shop in civil engineering to call for a specific issue they may have," she said.

JBSA locations receive a combined total of some 5,300 customer service requests per month, Gonzalez said.

Most of the requests are for minor maintenance and repairs; problems including stopped-up toilets, no air conditioning, leaks in the ceiling and ants in rooms.

Each location has its own maintenance staff, including carpenters, plumbers and electricians, to handle minor issues, Antonio Matos, 502nd CES project management team chief, said. For construction projects that are more expensive or complex, a bid process is required.