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Be prepared for CAC logon Monday

By James Coburn | 37th Training Wing Public Affairs | Nov. 20, 2006

Lackland Air Force Base, Texas — All Lackland permanent party users of the unclassified NIPRNET (non-secure Internet protocol router network) better be prepared to log on to their computers using their common access card starting Monday, according to the 37th Communications Squadron Network Control Center.

NIPRNET users not ready for smart card logon when units are migrated into mandatory logon starting Monday, the center warned, "will incur unplanned downtime" to accomplish SCL enablement prior to accessing the network.

Users should be SCL enabled by now. But if not, and only a new personal identification number is needed to enable a CAC, a long wait may be avoided by going to one of nine PIN reset stations instead of going to the Military Personnel Flight.

The MPF wait behind people getting new cards or resetting PINs ranges up to two hours. "So we ask people to go to the different stations," said 2nd Lt. Susan Terrell, project manager for the 37th Communications Squadron.

The PIN reset stations and their points of contact are:

* 37th CS, Bldg. 7243, Wonda Frahm, 671-3157.

* 37th CS, Bldg. 1623, Jerome Cephas, 925-2666, Opt. 1.

* 737th Training Support Squadron, Bldg. 6420, Master. Sgt. Chip Williams and Richard Botello, both 671-2154.

* 37th Mission Support Group, Bldg. 1000, Staff Sgt. Melissa Cervantes, 671-3323.

* 343rd Training Squadron, Bldg. 100, Lackland Training Annex, Staff Sgt. Nicole Cleland, 671-3143, Staff Sgt. Rochelle Wilson, 671-3085, and Airman 1st Class Milly Flores, 671-2973.

* Wilford Hall Medical Center, Bldg. 4550, Room 1G114, Tech. Sgt. John Szklarz, 292-6019.

* 433rd Communications Flight, Bldg. 817, Master Sgt. Timothy Wenger, 925-7132, and Richard Hoedebecke and Maurice Tijerina, both 925-7144.

* Air Intelligence Agency, Bldg. 2000, Room 138, 690th Information Operations Group Help Desk, 977-4357, Opt. 1.

* Cryptologic Systems Group, Bldg. 2028, Room 157, Karen Grinolds and Mark Tse, both at 977-3477.

Lieutenant Terrell said 37th CS personnel will begin implementing the logon requirement Monday to make sure Lackland makes the DoD deadline of not later than July 31. She said the mandatory logon does not affect students. She said students needing to go to private DoD Web sites probably will need a waiver.

With smart card logon, users will be able to send digitally signed e-mails so the recipients know the e-mail is from the sender. Senders also can send encrypted e-mails and documents that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient using the private and public keys of the smart card's Public Key Infrastructure. For more about PKI, go to https://afpki.lackland.af.mil/.

Lieutenant Terrell said the smart card and PIN also make it "easier to log on when you move from base to base, and you don't have to keep remembering all the different passwords you've had."