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Lackland CGOC gears up for 2007

By 2nd Lt. Malinda Singleton | Company Grade Officers' Council | Jan. 11, 2007

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Lackland Air Force Base, Texas — The newly energized Company Grade Officers' Council at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, is focusing on several projects for 2007.

"2007 is going to be one of the most exciting years for the Lackland company grade officers," said 1st Lt. Carlos Ferrer, CGOC president. "With new executives on board, we are all excited to help turn around this organization. The staff is motivated and ready to get working on our variety of projects."

One of the projects that the CGOC is working on, along with the 37th Training Wing, is a new professional development series open to all CGOs at Lackland. These seminars are to help show that CGOs are Airmen first, specialists second.

"Our senior leaders, starting with Maj. Gen. Michael Gould, commander of 2nd Air Force, and Brig. Gen. Darrell Jones, 37th TRW commander, down to us squadron commanders, recognize that we need to do better in growing young officers that are committed to being Airmen first, specialists second, with the necessary knowledge and expertise to be fully effective members of the joint team," said Lt. Col. Thomas Timmerman, 323rd Training Squadron commander and professional development series coordinator.

"While this is a 37th TRW program in conjunction with the CGOC, all of Team Lackland's associate units have been invited to participate and every CGO is invited to attend these events," he continued.

The professional development series will also include arranging broadening tours of Team Lackland operations and posting useful information and links to professional reading on the CGOC Web site.

"Our existing PME programs and senior officer mentorship are very important aspects of professional development, but General Jones has directed us to establish a supplementary program for 37th TRW CGOs that will expand their understanding of and commitment to their role as Airmen in our wartime Air Force, centered around world-class speakers on leadership and Air Force heritage," he continued.

Another project to be established includes integrating CGOC with members and representatives in all the wings and groups at Lackland to maximize interaction and communication among the CGO population, and strengthen ties with other CGOCs in the San Antonio area.

More projects, including fundraisers, community service events and social activities are currently being planned.

"I encourage everyone to be part of this great organization and to help us demonstrate to everyone in the Air Force the caliber of Lackland's company grade officers," said Lieutenant Ferrer. "Meetings are usually held the last Wednesday of every month in the Mesquite Dining Room at the Gateway Club."

To find out more about the CGOC go through the AF Portal at https://www.my.af.mil.

Executive Committee:
President: 1st Lt. Carlos J. Ferrer, 341st RCS/RSO
Vice President: 1st Lt. Jamey Moore, 950th ELSG/KIS
Treasurer: Capt. Herman F. Baldwin II, 59th MSGS/CA
Secretary: 2nd Lt. Sherry Glenn, 859th MDTS/MTLLD

Committee Chairs:
Community Service: 2nd Lt. Yuriza Castillo-Aguirre, 690th ALIS/IP
Social Activities: 2nd Lt. Marsha R. Goetz, 453rd EWS/EWR
Professional Development: Capt. William R. DeForest, JIOWC/J63/J61
Fundraising: Capt. John Davids, 343th TRS/DOB
Web Operations: 2nd Lt. Timothy Labinski, 37th CS/SCB
Public Affairs: 2nd Lt. Malinda Singleton, HQ AIA/PA

Wing Representatives:
37th TRW: 1st Lt. Claudia Frost, 37th TRG/S1
59th MDW: Capt. Demea Alderman, 59th LS/MSLF
Security Hill: Capt Gilbert Hinojosa III, HQ AIA/A4MC
67th NWW: 1st Lt. Eric Stride, 33rd IOS/DON