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NEWS | June 4, 2007

Fitness Challenge: Week 3

An eight-week challenge recently pitted two teams of fitness center staff members against one another in a bid to improve the overall fitness of the teams. This is their thoughts to date.

What has been the most difficult thing so far?

Antoinette Durden - Red Team 
I feel that the most difficult thing for me has been staying motivated.

Amy Jackson - Red Team 
I feel that the most difficult thing for me has been eating healthy and giving up Mt. Dew. I also feel staying motivated is an important task that I have to accomplish during this challenge. 

Martha Arroyo - Red Team
The most difficult for me is the diet - eat right five times daily.

Ken Hack - Red Team
The most difficult for me is the eating right. Now that summer is here my wife and I are more prone to go out and eat with friends, which makes eating right difficult at times.

Frances Stackpoole - Red Team
This is simple: I LOVE FOOD!

Celia Bautista - Red Team
Portion control, portion control, portion control

Shashank Gokhale - Red Team
Getting over the initial hump and keeping up the motivation to workout four times a week. 

Wendy Martin- Red Team

The most difficult thing has been finding and prioritizing my time to be able to get an adequate workout in. Sometimes it is kind of difficult in the midst of working, running errands, taking care of the house and fulfilling all my obligations to squeeze in time to exercise. I know it is worth it if I get through because I'll have more energy to accomplish everything I need to.

Mario Dominguez - Red Team
Giving up the doughnuts and tacos.

Dave Garcia - Red Team
To be able to get into a routine so that I can regularly, getting in a full, well-rounded workout without being interrupted.

Steve Reichert - Red Team
Staying motivated to stick with (or even get on) a diet has been the toughest. I have no problem with the exercise portion of the fitness equation, but the success or failure in attaining my goals is directly related to my eating. There is no mistaking, you are what you eat.

Osmar Alaniz - Blue Team
The most difficult part at this point is finding the time to workout. This activity is under new management, and there is always another project to be done. Aside from push-ups, everything is doable.

Jacqueline Dernst -Woodward - Blue Team
I find the most difficult thing so far has been to build in a flexibility part in my workout. I have not seen any improvement in my flexibility, so it is challenging to continue with my new workout routine. But I know that eventually my body will start to change and become more flexible. 

Anita Stewart
- Blue Team
My biggest struggle so far is making time when I'm not working to workout. Plus, my husband just got back from Kuwait, so that in itself has made it difficult to find time.

Mark Mitchell - Blue Team 
Finding time consistently for complete workouts.

Daniel Ayon - Blue Team 
The most difficult portion of this challenge for me has been making sure to eat healthy all the time. It's too easy to just go to Whataburger!

Cindy Beard - Blue Team 
The most difficult thing so far, for me, is prioritizing time to stretch. I like to get my workouts in and be done.

Fred Giffitts- Blue Team
I think the most challenging part of this fitness contest is ensuring that I prepare and maintain a well balanced meal plan. I prepare my meals on Sunday for the week. It usually consists of several chicken breasts, tuna and various salads. In the mornings I prepare my meals for that day. As we all know this is time consuming. It is like learning a new habit. It takes time.

Colleen Au - Blue Team 
The most difficult thing so far is finding the motivation to workout. My coworker Fred is a big help for me though.

Jim Wood - Blue Team 
Time is a challenge for us all. It is no different for me. I may work in a fitness facility, but I have many different tasks to take care of so that this facility runs smoothly. I have incorporated the help of a friend and now a workout partner. When she arrives I have to take time out to think about me and my health. If time or making time is a challenge for you, maybe the help of a friend who may have similar goals is the answer. I know for me it was.

James Cormier-Johnson - Blue Team 
The most challenging for me is not exercise, but to avoid that plateau your body reaches when doing the same exercises. I try to implement new ideas and exercises to my current regiment, to keep the muscles guessing, each time to get better results. The occasional dessert is also hard to pass up.

Paul Seay - Blue Team 
I find the most difficult part of this challenge is staying consistent! The greasy, fatty foods and sweets are hard to resist, especially, when you are accustomed to eating them on a regular basis.

Matt Melanic - Blue Team 
The most difficult challenge for me is limiting my intake of fast foods.

Richard Brown - Blue Team 
For me it has not been difficult at all. It has inspired me to get in a fitness mode and realize how maintaining a solid fitness level can lead to a rewarding quality of life. I'm enjoying the challenge.