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NEWS | June 14, 2007

IRR Airmen coming to base for exercise

By Lilly Flores-Janecek 37th Training Wing Public Affairs Office

Starting June 18, the Air Force "Push-Pull 2007" Exercise will call to active duty up to 320 Individual Ready Reserve Airmen from across the country, who will report to Lackland.

A push-pull exercise, typically conducted every two years, tests the mobilization process and evaluates the skill level of the participants.

"This is a call-up under Title 10 U.S.C. 12301 (b)," said Chris Sharp, Team Lackland's chief of Readiness and Plans who is serving as the point of contact for the push-pull exercise. "We will bring them in and activate them into the Air Force."

IRR Airmen have had training, served on active duty or as part of the Selected Reserve and still have some period of military service obligation remaining. These Airmen do not perform regularly scheduled training and will return to their former Reserve status after the exercise is complete.

The two-phase exercise begins with the "push" here at Lackland, Monday through June 22, which will involve the processing of the IRR Airmen, similar to what basic trainees do each week, although these Reservists have been pre-trained.

They will be checked for skill and medical qualifications. They will also go through uniform issue and records review and other tasks necessary to re-enter the active force. All but about 100 IRR Airmen will be sent home after this phase.

The remaining IRR Airmen will take part in the second phase, June 23-29, which is called the "pull." They will stay at Lackland or go to Keesler AFB or Sheppard AFB, where they will be evaluated on their Air Force Specialty Code skill levels and be assigned to units and utilized at those bases for the duration of the exercise.

While the push-pull will tax Lackland, Mr. Sharp said the impact should be minimal.

"We will use manning assistance to bring in individuals from other units, including Lackland's 433rd Airlift Wing, both on the medical and on the military training instructor side of the house," said Mr. Sharp.

IRR Airmen participating in the exercise will receive active-duty pay and allowances commensurate with their grade and years of service.

Airmen required to participate in the push-pull are protected by law from any repercussions by their civilian employers.