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NEWS | July 6, 2007

Fitness Challenge: Week 8

An eight-week challenge recently pitted two teams of fitness center staff members against one another in a bid to improve the overall fitness of the teams. This is their thoughts to date. 

Fitness independence! What have you learned from this experience that you can take to Team Lackland?

Desiree Gonzales - Red Team
I've learned that you will never get results unless you push yourself. No matter how many hours you work out, it's your intensity that matters.
I can take the knowledge and proper techniques to Team Lackland and help those in need of becoming physically fit, or assist some in better conditioning themselves to reach an advanced level. 

Shoshank Gokhale - Red Team
Perseverance pays. In the early stages, you may not see the outcome of your efforts, but stick to it and results are guaranteed.

Dave Craig - Red Team
That a change in lifestyle is not easy. It takes perseverance to keep up the changes and not to revert back to your old life style.

Amy Jackson - Red Team
I have learned a lot about fitness and eating healthy. I can take a lot of the information I have learned and apply that knowledge to my job. I feel that all the knowledge I have gained from this experience can not only benefit me at work but outside of work as well.

Steve Reichert - Red Team
It reaffirmed in me just how much better all aspects of my life are when I am fit. It also opened my eyes to the many aspects of total fitness and all of the facilities, equipment and programs that are available here on Lackland to help me reach my goals.

Jared Ryan - Red Team
Meeting my personal goals has built up my confidence in my ability to accomplish what needs to be done. Having this confidence allows me to help Team Lackland by not relying on someone else to get the job done or pick up the slack.

Derrick Moore - Red Team
I am motivated by fitness and more willing to share and demonstrate new things that I have learned to Team Lackland.

Ken Hack - Red Team
Do what has to be done, when it has to be done. Do it that way all the time.It's a lifestyle change.

James Johnson - Blue Team
I've learned to stay focused and achieve my physical fitness goals.
I can take my routine and/or techniques to Team Lackland with complete confidence.

Richard Brown- Blue Team
I've learned that continuous workouts, on a regular basis, are key to maintaining a good fitness level. It will also keep the body toned while giving you good flexibility, endurance and stamina.

Colleen Au - Blue Team
I have gained a much better understanding of how to workout properly. I have learned to design programs and implement them.

Jim Wood - Blue Team
The most important thing I am going to walk away from this challenge knowing is that I can achieve my fitness goals. There have been some significant changes in my life. They have made it necessary for me to change the way I train. The one thing I would say to anyone who is beginning a workout program or trying to make their current training regimen work for them is keep on going. Don't give up. Believe in yourself.

Anita Stewart - Blue Team
Even though you have obstacles fall on your path and you trip over a couple, it doesn't mean you have failed. Just get back up and continue on your path to your healthy life. Give yourself plenty of time to accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals. It doesn't happen over night. And remember you can do it!

Jacqueline Dernst- Woodward - Blue Team
I have learned that you have to constantly challenge your body with new workout routines to get better results. My expectations about how much I could improve my fitness level in two months were far exceeded. I am happy and proud about what I was able to accomplish in this fitness challenge.

Mark Mitchell - Blue Team
Just start allowing your mind and body to adjust to your new experiences, whether it's working out or working out harder. Listen to your body and remember there's a difference between injuries and soreness, and rest is part of the game.

Cindy Beard - Blue Team
Take it one day at a time. Changing your life to a healthy, fit lifestyle takes time. Changes do not happen instantly. Be patient, it will happen. Just don't quit, let working out and eating healthy become a habit and permanent lifestyle change.