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NEWS | Aug. 13, 2007

International Affairs team to visit Randolph

By Master Sgt. Mitchell Gettle Secretary of the Air Force Piblic Affairs Internal Information Division

Representatives from the International Affairs Career Field Development Team will provide an IACF informational update briefing Aug. 23 at 9 a.m. in the conference center of Building 905 as part of their "Spread the Word" campaign.

The presentation will include a video from Bruce Lemkin, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs, which emphasizes the importance of IACF, and a briefing informing IA civilian team members on participation in the force development process. All personnel are welcome and encouraged to attend the briefing.

Air Force officials began implementing the International Affairs Career Field in spring 2006, and during the summer of 2006, developmental team members toured bases throughout the IA community to provide an overview on the career field concept and timeline for implementation. Over the last year, the team established the IACF by formalizing the policies and procedures for position management, education and training, and career progression.

"IACF will provide education, training, and assignment experiences that will develop our workforce to meet IA mission requirements." said Mr. Lemkin. "This development process will emphasize the importance of advanced education, foreign language skills, cross-functional career broadening and mentorship. These components maximize training and placement opportunities for our civilians and will equip our team members to adapt and meet the challenges of the changing global security environment."

IA team members will have flexible career development paths, thereby increasing opportunities for challenging work experiences with timely, appropriate training and education, Mr. Lemkin said. This series of experiences and challenges provided by the career field will enable IA team members to gain vital experience necessary to meet future civilian leadership requirements throughout the IA community and the greater Air Force.

The IACF will reach full operational capability in October 2007. International relationships are critical enablers for Air Force expeditionary air and space forces conducting global operations and fighting the war on terrorism. Building these critical relationships require skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced IA professionals.

The IACF provides Air Force civilian personnel opportunities for career development and advancement. These new opportunities not only provide benefits for individual team members; they work to systematically attract, develop and retain a workforce that meets the needs of the entire IA community.

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