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Courtland, AETC race to second place finish

By Tony Perez | 37th Training Wing Public Affairs Office | Oct. 5, 2007

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LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, TEXAS — Kellie Courtland, 37th Training Wing, culminated her fifth trip to the Air Force Marathon by helping the Air Education Training Command Women's Relay Team take second place overall in the open division marathon relay Sept. 17.

"I thought it was a great course this year," said Courtland. "This year the course took runners off base and downtown for a stretch, and that provided participants with a lot of local support."

The AETC Women's Relay Team also featured Kristi Contardo from Columbus AFB, Miss., Jennifer Lepper from Keesler AFB, Miss. and Saskia Johnson from Maxwell AFB, Ala.

"The chemistry of the team was great," Courtland said. "The fact that we got together and planned really helped us, but all the members of the AETC teams got along great together. We all spent a lot of time supporting each other and helping each other. All together, the AETC had it going on."

Courtland's team finished with a time of 3:44:24. The marathon's divisions featured more than 6,300 runners.

"There was a lot more support this year, and a lot more participants and there was huge crowd support this year," Courtland said. "They even had cheerleaders out there."

Courtland ran the last leg of the 26.2-mile course, which is typically the section with the most hills. Courtland's total distance ran was 6.7 miles.

"The last leg was very hilly, but it's worth it because you get to be the one who finishes the race, and you have the mental advantage of being able to see the finish line," Courtland said. "The scenery was also great because we got to run past all the planes and the Air Force Museum. It was absolutely beautiful."

Courtland will be representing the Air Force by participating in the Fleet Week Half Marathon sponsored by the U.S. Navy on Oct. 14. at Naval Base Norfolk, Va.