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NEWS | Sept. 15, 2008

Fitness center offers new spinning class for lunchtime workouts

By Thomas Warner Staff writer

A new class offered at Rambler Fitness Center makes eight cycling sessions available to patrons of the facility. 

Also referred to as "spinning," the cycling classes are designed to build cardiovascular strength plus all-around endurance and are available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

"People get out of these classes pretty much whatever they put into them," said Rey Salinas, fitness programs manager. "These are not high-pressure classes but if you want a good workout, you can get it." 

All of the cycling classes at the RFC last 45 minutes and the newest one takes place at 11:15 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays. Other classes take place in both the mornings and afternoons at the fitness center, which features numerous exercise amenities for Randolph patrons. 

"We offer the spin classes and others at several different times throughout the week, in order to give patrons a chance to fit them into their schedules," Mr. Salinas said. 

A certified instructor starts the cycling classes off with a light warm-up before moving into an intense workout that includes uphill pedaling, downhill sprints and segments traversing flat surfaces. 

"They lean into the hills and pump more with the legs as the resistance changes," Mr. Salinas said. "If you don't increase the resistance, you won't get anything out of it. The person next to you might be a totally different level but everyone has to exert themselves in order to see changes in their overall fitness." 

The cycling sessions are low-impact, meaning they don't create nearly as much stress on the body as do running and jogging exercises. The fitness center spinning room has over 20 brand-new stationary bicycles. 

"The instructors have attended a program and become certified to teach these kinds of classes," said Marlin Richardson, Rambler Fitness Center manager. "Units can come as a group and go through spinning sessions, as long as one person in that group is certified. If a unit has no one that fits the criteria, they can book sessions under the guidance of one of our certified staff members." 

Legs and the entire lower body get a good workout with the spinning, Mr. Salinas said, and there is no performance requirement by people who enroll. 

"It's mostly about people wanting to find ways to be active and to better themselves," Mr. Salinas said. "These are intense, but in a lot of ways they are like all of our classes in that the atmosphere is laid back and there is no pressure. It's just people getting together to try and be fit." 

See the overall class schedule listed in the Wingspread for various session times or call Rambler Fitness Center at 652-2300.