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NEWS | Sept. 29, 2008

Access gate to improve bad weather landing safety

By Sean Bowlin Staff writer

A traffic access swing gate near the intersection of Bone Road and the perimeter road will soon be built to improve landing safety during bad weather. 

Pilots flying jet aircraft on their final approach to the east runway will soon benefit from the new measure designed to improve instrument landing system, or ILS, signals upon approach. 

The swing gate will be closed when the flying weather ceiling is below 800 feet - or low clouds - and less than two miles of visibility - like fog. 

Sara Rodriguez, Randolph airfield operations flight chief, said with cars currently passing the nearby ILS system located on Bone Road, there is currently no guarantee aircraft will receive a good signal while on final approach. The ILS's signal sent to approaching aircraft could reflect off cars driving west on Bone Road. 

"Traffic could bend the signal," Mrs. Rodriguez said. "So we are building the gate to
keep cars out of the area. It will cause some frustration, but it will keep it safer for

Persons wanting to use the recycling center will still have access to it if they enter perimeter road from the base golf course. 

Mrs. Rodriguez said construction on the swing access gate will begin by the end of next month. The swing gate will cost approximately $3,000.