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NEWS | Dec. 12, 2008

37th MSG restructures, avoids A-76 action

By Mike Joseph 37th Training Wing

The 37th Mission Support Group developed an Air Education and Training Command approved restructuring strategy that will ultimately result in no loss of present civilian jobs and a reduction of military positions over the next three years.

Some of those positions will convert to civilian jobs.

In 1999, more than 1300 jobs were targeted for an A-76 manpower study at Lackland. A-76 is a process that determines whether in-house or contract manpower is more cost effective and mandates at least a 25 percent reduction of manpower.

"Under this plan, 134 civilian jobs were eliminated on paper. However, nobody will lose his job through this action. Another 231 military jobs, projected to be eliminated by September 2010, will be converted to civilian positions to achieve compliance, " said Elsa Cavazos, chief of Manpower and Organization who led this creative effort to finally solve this challenge.

"In light of the military job elimination, Lackland will be allowed to keep military on board for at least a year in the positions that will convert to civilian. Our military personnel will move to other assignments over the next few years," Ms. Cavazos said.

In addition to the overlap benefit, deployment taskings within the 37th MSG will be reduced based on the lower military populations and the number of reassignments possibly won't be as high once the manning level has been established.

"It came to a point where something needed to be done," said Ms. Cavazos. "A-76 could not continue to just hang over the heads of Lackland. We had to devise a solution to solve this issue. By enacting a restructuring plan, limited military will be reassigned and the civilian workforce will actually increase."

For more information regarding MSG restructuring 37 MSG has established a link on the Lackland Intranet Web site under 37th MSG.