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Stimulus project to re-surface Randolph streets starts August 3

By Sean Bowlin | 12th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs | July 28, 2009

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — On August 3, engineers will begin the first of several American Recovery and Reinvestment Act "economic stimulus" construction projects planned for completion on Randolph Air Force Base. 

The two-phased street re-construction project, which costs $800,000 and took 90 days to plan, will see about 20 workers from Southbay Construction digging up and re-paving portions of three Randolph streets, said Tom Moore, 12th Civil Engineering Division engineering technician. 

"We're digging the street up all the way to sub-base material, which is dirt," said Mr. Moore. 

Mr. Moore added besides re-surfacing the roads, curbs and gutters will be installed. 

Construction during both phases will happen during the weekday regular duty hours; roads being re-worked will be closed to traffic for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

There may be work done at night and during both construction phases, all roads in base housing between H and F Streets will be restricted to residential traffic only. However, refuse removal service will continue. 

Mr. Moore said Phase I - scheduled to take 45 days -- commences August 3 and will end September 18, if weather permits all of the work to be completed. 

During Phase I, portions of H Street from 5th Street East to around 905 H St. and 5th Street, from just south of H Street to the north of the West Side tower, will be completely re-surfaced. 

Mr. Moore said Phase II is scheduled to take place from September 21 through October 21, weather permitting. That phase will see the re-surfacing of the remainder of H Street and a portion of J Street from where it intersects with both 5th Street and Gulf Street. 

However, if Phase I is not finished by September 18, Phase II will not start until after the Air Show, which happens on November 4, Mr. Moore said. 

Mr. Moore added that the intersection of 1st Street East and 1st Street West will remain open throughout the duration of Phases I and II. But the intersection of J Street and Golf Street will be closed over the Columbus Day Holiday. 

"That way, we'll inconvenience the least amount of people by shutting traffic down over a three-day weekend, when a lot of people will be off-base, " he said.