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NEWS | March 5, 2010

Commander prohibits Spice, Salvia, K2 use

By Shannon Carabajal 502nd ABW OL-A Public Affairs

Concerns about the health and welfare of Airmen, their families, our communities and mission readiness have prompted the 502nd Air Base Wing Commander to issue an order Tuesday prohibiting the use of psychotropic substances.

"You are ordered not to possess, inhale, smoke, chew, consume, or otherwise introduce, or cause to be introduced into your body or another's body, distribute or introduce onto a military installation the following substances: Salvia Divinorum, Spice, K2, or any variation or derivative thereof, regardless of form," said 502nd ABW Commander Brig. Gen. Leonard Patrick in a memorandum detailing the order.

According to recent news reports, the use of these substances is prevalent in San Antonio. General Patrick issued the order to inform Airmen that, although these substances can be purchased locally and are not currently listed in the Federal Controlled Substances Act, use is extremely dangerous and prohibited under military order.

Salvia Divinorum, also known as "Sally D" and "Magic Mint," is commonly smoked or chewed, and produces a perception of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, and distorts objects. The plant affects the central nervous system, which causes altered brain functions that produce the mentioned hallucinogenic effects.

Spice is a mixture of herbs with hallucinogenic effects. The quantity and toxicity of the herbs varies in each product, making some more potent than others. It is typically consumed by smoking, creating a euphoric feeling similar to cannabis. K2 is a mix of herbs sprayed with a synthetic form of THC and has effects similar to that of marijuana.

"The use of these substances could seriously undermine the military mission and impact our nation's security," said Col. Dan Rogers, 502nd ABW Staff Judge Advocate. "This order brings us in line with the Army and Navy who have service-wide bans on these substances, and makes it clear that swift action will be taken against those who violate the order."

The order applies to all military members permanently or temporarily assigned to units located at Lackland and Randolph, whether on or off the installation, and Airmen violating the prohibition are subject to disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

According to Air Force Instruction 36-3208, Administrative Separation of Airmen, drug abuse is incompatible with military service, and Airmen who abuse drugs one or more times are subject to discharge for misconduct, the order stated. Abuse includes using a substance, legal or illegal, to excess or delivering a substance with an abnormal manner of delivery to the body, for the primary purpose of altering mood or function.

Civilian personnel, including civilian employees, contractors, dependents and guests, violating the order are also subject to disciplinary action and barment from all San Antonio military installations.

"General Patrick will not tolerate these substances being brought onto or used on San Antonio installations, and civilians who violate that order face losing the privilege of coming onto our bases," Colonel Rogers said.

The order should be briefed at newcomer orientations, commander's calls and posted on unit bulletin boards. For more information on this policy, call the 502nd Air Base Wing Staff Judge Advocate office at 671-3367.