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NEWS | March 25, 2010

Common questions about PT test answered

By Patrick Desmond 502nd Air Base Wing OL-A Public Affairs

Tackling the fitness test can be an anxious experience in itself without worrying about testing procedures. Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding fitness test rules and guidelines used by the Fitness Assessment Cell staff.

Q: Will the push-up component be terminated if hands or feet are repositioned after starting the test?
A: No. The component ends if hands or feet rise off the ground, but not if turned on the ground for comfort.

Q: During crunches, is there a height requirement for the toe-hold bar?
A: No. But the bar must be anchored, and heels must not rise off the ground during testing.

Q: Can test takers leave the track during the 1.5-mile run or 3-mile walk?
A: Leaving the track to gain advantage will terminate the test. However, if the entire track is blocked, leaving the course to avoid the obstruction will not count as disqualification.

Q: What can people do if they lack PT gear for a scheduled test?
A: Visit the FAC Sharepoint homepage and reschedule a test. All Fitness Assessments require members to be in official Air Force physical training (PT) attire, unless unit-specific attire is specified.

Q: What happens if all sections of the PT test are completed except for the 1.5-mile run due to inclement weather?
A: The member must report back to the FAC within five duty days for the 1.5-mile run or the entire test must be retaken.

Q: If there's a disagreement with an abdominal measurement after the third attempt, can a fourth be given or another FAC staff member conduct the assessment?
A: If any measurements differ more than one inch from the other two, the FAC is required to administer a fourth. After three successful measurements, no other FAC member can conduct the assessment.

Q: Can a woman's abdominal be measured by a male FAC staff member?
A: Yes. If a same-gender FAC member is not available to conduct a measurement, an observer of the same gender must be present to act as a chaperone.

Q: What does a test taker need to do after being placed on a profile and acquiring Air Force Form 469?
A: Contact a Unit Fitness Performance Manager as soon as possible. To test, an active Air Force Form 422 is needed, generated by the FPM at the Health and Wellness Center. A UFPM must call and set up an appointment to acquire a AF Form 422 prior to testing.

Q: How is a Cycle-Ergometry test scheduled?
A: All cycle and 3-mile walk tests are scheduled on Sharepoint or at the Health and Wellness Center. This requires an active AF Form 422.

Q: Are electronic devices such as pacers or iPods allowed during 1.5-mile runs?
A: Yes, both are allowed. Pacing is permitted as long as there's no physical contact, and it is not a hindrance to other runners.

(For answers to more frequently asked questions regarding the revised fitness test and its procedures, visit