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NEWS | July 14, 2010

Video crew films Randolph activity for recruiting

By A1C Precious Yett 502nd Air Base Wing OL-B Public Affairs, the Air Force's recruiting Web site, was recently here at Randolph shooting snippets for their newest recruiting video.

The purpose of the Web site is to bring in new recruits for the Air Force. Online videos escalate the interaction between the viewer and the Web site through sight and sound. The Web site is geared toward enlisted, officer and health professions recruitment.

The project filmed at Randolph showcases technical schools and base lifestyles. The project's mission is to show the next step in an Airman's career in the Air Force after basic military training. As an added bonus producers shot lifestyle features to show a potential applicant what is available to them in technical school and on their permanent duty base.

"You go through basic training and technical school. We show you what can you do at technical school in your off-time and what you can do at your duty base once you get there," said Frank. Radis, Air Force Recruiting Service interactive account executive for

They went to four of the major technical training centers: Sheppard, Goodfellow, Keesler and Lackland in order to ascertain certain career fields and receive varying points of view from instructors and students. Although Randolph is not one of the major technical training school centers it was showcased in the lifestyle feature because of the brand new BX, the revitalized enlisted dorms, the new health and wellness center and the gym.

"We tried to show career fields from each of the aptitude areas: mechanical, administrative, general and electronics," said Mr. Radis. "We wanted to show some jobs from each one to give diversity because not everyone's a pilot and we want to try to steer away from that mindset. We wanted to show all the different career fields people can go into. We shot technical schools from the student's perspectives as well as the instructors,"

The focus of the video is to let people who have no prior military affiliation understand what comes next after initial basic training. It gives the average person insight to be better informed about enlisting.

"We have to have future Airmen, officers and health professionals. We're recruiting for the future here now so that the Air Force can continue to be a strong branch of service," said Mr. Radis.

There are a lot of people who are looking at the basic training videos currently up on the and sharing them, he said.
"This is the intent. It's good to see the Web site is working," said Mr. Radis.

There were also still photos taken along with the video and those photos will be used to update as well as in brochures and direct mail marketing.
The target release of the technical school and lifestyle features on is slated for early October 2010.