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NEWS | Sept. 24, 2011

Total Body class provides exercise, camaraderie

By Jose T. Garza III 502nd Air Base Wing OL-A Public Affairs

Music ranging from LMFAO to Godsmack is blasting through the stereo while Nancy Talbot teaches her Total Body Toning class at the Gillum Fitness Center.

Whipping her class of 14 into the best shape of their lives is a commitment she has adhered to since beginning instruction three years ago.

"It makes my job worthwhile when you hear people thanking you, and they are crying and hugging, telling you that you really changed their life."

Talbot's passion for physical fitness has led her to promote the TBT program, which builds strength in the upper body, legs, and core. The program provides fitness benefits to average people that will help them long-term. She teaches TBT Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:30 a.m. at the Gillum.

"I created the program so you can not only burn calories and get your heart rate up, but to build strength."

Mike Dziek, one of Talbot's students, has participated in the TBT class since the beginning of the year. The TBT workout gives him a complete exercise that works the whole body and keeps him energized.

"I'm in better shape now as a result of (TBT)," he said.

One of Talbot's strengths as an instructor is doing the TBT exercises with her students instead of watching from afar giving instruction. "It's more of a teamwork thing where we encourage each other," she said.

Dziek enjoys the camaraderie the class provides versus working out in a gym alone.

"Lifting weights by yourself gets kind of boring," he said. "This class is a little bit more fun."
The inspiration that she draws from teamwork makes her humble.

"My students tell me 'oh Nancy, you inspire me, I look up to you, and I want to be like you," she said. "Only if they knew that they motivate me and give me strength."

Talbot admits there are days when she doesn't want to come to work due to issues in her personal life, and exercising is a release to get away from those issues.

(Exercising) gives me strength and something to look forward to," she said while fighting back tears. "God blessed me with a gift of having a passion for exercise. (Exercise) has given me strength through trials and tribulations."

The 14-student class gives her the motivation to continue to teach them to improve their health.

"I feel very obligated to come and give them the best of everything that I got," she said. "I don't want to cheat them from reaping the benefits of overall health, and I want to help them reach their goals."

Talbot said potential students should take her class because the exercises are doable and they can work in their own pace.

"It's not an aerobics class where everyone keeps the same beat," she said. "Everyone you see is either using heavy weights or no weights. Some modify a pushup with a different workout that's still giving them the same benefits as an actual pushup.

"(TBT) helps people lose body fat, tone up, and build strength endurance."

From experience, Dziek said the TBT class will motivate people to make a commitment to working out.

"(TBT) will hopefully get you into a routine that makes you say, 'I need to do this every week' versus 'when I get a chance,'" he said. "You will be sore, but once you get into the routines, it's old hat."