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NEWS | Nov. 1, 2012

HAWC offers monthly circuit training workout programs

By Alex Salinas Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Public Affairs

People are encouraged to set fitness goals to improve their physical and nutritional well-being as well as their stress management, Keith Prince, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Health and Wellness Center Health Promotions Flight chief, said.

To accomplish the task of promoting a healthy lifestyle from a physical standpoint, a strong foundation is needed on how to properly perform various exercises, Prince said.

This month, HAWC staff encourages the use of dynamic warm-ups, which are motion-based movements that assist blood flow to muscles and elevate heart rates to improve exercise quality.

"There's two phases of training we tend to leave out: warming up before an exercise and flexibility training after a workout," Prince said. "Many people will stretch their muscles and perform flexibility training before exercising, which increases the risk for injury."

Dynamic warm-ups should be used to condition the body before aerobic and anaerobic workouts, and should last no longer than eight minutes.

Each exercise is recommended to be performed 10 times with good form and minimal rest between exercises, Prince said.

The five dynamic warm-ups for this month's training focus include jumping jacks, gate swings, pogo hops, seal jacks and bodyweight squats.

"These exercises are not intended to be easy, but they will help prepare the body for an actual workout," Prince said.

For more in-depth exercises, contact the HAWC, Bldg. 999, at 652-2300.

(Editor's note: "Dynamic warm-ups" kicks off a new series promoting exercise variety and safety to Wingspread readers. The first issue of each month will feature a new circuit training workout. December's circuit will focus on strengthening joints, such as shoulders and hips. Please tell us know what you think of our new column by emailing us at