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NEWS | May 13, 2024

Army implements enhanced security measures for data

By Gabriel Archer U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command Public Affairs

In a strategic move to bolster data security and protect against evolving cyber threats, the U.S. Army announces significant changes to access protocols for Army 365 services. With the maturation of remote capabilities and the introduction of more secure alternatives such as Azure Virtual Desktop and Hypori, the Army is prioritizing the safeguarding of sensitive information.

During the initial deployment of Army 365 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, access and downloads were permitted from webmail to ensure continuity of operations. However, recognizing the escalating sophistication of cyber-attacks, the Army is transitioning to more secure platforms like AVD, Hypori and future offerings like Intune Mobile Access Management.

Effective June 1, 2024, the Network Enterprise Technology Command will begin blocking access to all Army 365 services, including webmail, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive, through insecure commercial internet channels. Users are strongly encouraged to transition to the secure alternatives of AVD or Hypori immediately.

Exceptions to this access block will be granted on a very limited basis, with requests reviewed and approved by designated authorities. Exception requests can be submitted via the designated portal, with final approval resting with the appropriate authority.

Army Enterprise Azure Virtual Desktop offers an optimized, single sign-on experience using Army 365 credentials, providing enhanced security features including CAC login and S/MIME email encryption.

Hypori, an Android Virtual Machine, utilizes MobileConnect and EAMS-A for authentication and is accessible via mobile devices through the Hypori Halo and Mobile Connect applications. Installation of credentials occurs during onboarding, enabling access to Army 365 apps and NIPR websites with encryption support.

These proactive measures underscore the Army's commitment to data security and readiness in the face of emerging cyber threats. By embracing more secure access alternatives, the Army aims to safeguard critical information and maintain operational effectiveness.