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NEWS | April 19, 2024

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Eric J. Beougher (No photo)
UNIT: 326th Training Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Military Training Instructor
Tech. Sgt. Eric J. Beougher advised the Second Air Force Special Warfare manager on his "Disqualified Candidate" outline! His efforts afforded recruits sensitive skills interviews for five Air Force Specialty Codes and cut re-class processing time by 50%, which powered six 737 TRG awards. Lead for "MTI Appreciation Day." He outlined six sessions for 85 spouses (insight for S/NCO challenges) to counter the Air Force divorce rate (highest branch). Also, as the PO President he organized three events & raised $60,000 for JBSA ceremonies. He authored SOPs and created a trainee mentorship system for multi-week groups. His efforts saved 249 manpower hours. Additionally, he was chosen to evaluate the 331st and 324th Training Squadrons TRS Blue Rope Comp qualifiers, "Top 10% MTI corps"!

Tech. Sgt. Kevin M. Tagle
RANK/NAME: Tech. Sgt. Kevin M. Tagle
UNIT: 502nd Operations Support Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Host Aviation Resource Manager
Tech. Sgt. Kevin M. Tagle diffused a potentially grave personnel issue with the member's civilian spouse. He coordinated efforts with an off-base mental health facility, and his quick response ensured future treatment plans and medical needs.  Tagle guided the commander through administrative separation processes for members with ongoing family legal/sensitive situations. He worked with two base agencies, crafting all possible directions, and equipping the commander and senior enlisted advisor on proper procedures. Acted as the event coordinator for the local Filipino American Association of San Antonio, organizing two events for 500 military and civilian families. Coordinated with the San Antonio Spurs basketball team, securing 200 tickets, and raising $300 for the organization.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Raul Herrera
RANK/NAME: Petty Officer 2nd Class Raul Herrera
UNIT: 59th Dental Training Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Orthodontics Assistant
Petty Officer 2nd Class Raul Herrera was requested by name to utilize his Basic Life Support instructor skill set. He collaborated with the 433rd AMS to provide six hours of critical care first aid training, ensuring eight Reserve Airmen were 100% code blue ready. He supported the orthodontics flight by teaming with the San Antonio Food Bank, packing 1,600 meals for families in need. He strengthened local community relations and enabled the food bank's mission of 74 million meals distributed annually. Herrera teamed with two agencies to organize a Veterans Affairs Home Loan Seminar. He hosted a five-hour development course for 11 tri-service members, which enhanced their home-buying knowledge for future purchases.

Staff Sgt. Emily B. Houston
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt Emily. B. Houston
UNIT: 59th Dental Support Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Dental Laboratory Technician
Staff Sgt. Emily B. Houston led efforts to ensure Dental Technician Appreciation Week was a success.  She orchestrated a schedule of events, games, and festivities between two squadrons that increased morale and showed 96 members that they were valued. Houston coordinated a contribution drive with leadership to provide care for an Airman going through a difficult period. She collected more than $500 in childcare goods, easing a difficult transition for the member's family. She spent eight hours mentoring teen moms at a charity event.  She gave counsel and educational direction to 11 families, as well as fellowship to at-risk adolescents, boosting her community standing and the Air Force image.

Staff Sgt. Malachi G. Reynolds
RANK/NAME: Staff Sgt. Malachi G. Reynolds
UNIT: 690th Intelligence Support Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Network Management Technician
Staff Sgt. Malachi G. Reynolds sprung to action by watching his Airman's 1-year-old son during an emergency room visit for his 31-week pregnant wife. His actions ensured the safety of their unborn child and strengthened trust within his work center. Reynolds partnered with the San Antonio Salvation Army, where he directed an 18-member team for five hours to package meals for distribution, providing 5,184 nutritional items and salvation to the survivors of the Uvalde tragedy. He devoted 11 hours smoking barbecue for his 15-member ALS flight. His selfless efforts propelled camaraderie and morale among his peers, leading to his Distinguished Graduate Award selection and a Commandant Award nomination.

Senior Airman Emily Fortaney
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Emily Fortaney
UNIT: 59th Radiology Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Diagnostic Imaging Technologist
Senior Airman Emily Fortaney and a doctor acted quickly as a patient seized during a fluoroscopy exam. Stopping the line, they initiated care, got the person to the emergency room and averted a patient safety disaster, securing a 59th Medical Wing “Good Catch Award” submission. She was selected as a virtual support super user for the Defense Health Agency's “pay it forward” program at Great Lakes Naval Station Hospital. She guided 17 radiology staff with MHS Genesis go-live, securing care for 67,000 patients. Fortaney organized farewells for five Airmen, aided in the set-up/tear down for the Diagnostic Imaging Phase II graduating students, and stepped in as the master of ceremony for a colonel’s promotion ceremony, bolstering morale across 122 guests.

Senior Airman Tanner T. Harding
RANK/NAME: Senior Airman Tanner T. Harding
UNIT: Air Force Lifecycle and Management Center/Det. 6
DUTY TITLE: SIGINT Radio Technician
Senior Airman Tanner T. Harding utilized expertise to craft a running program for an at-risk Airman and test day pacing. Efforts increased the composite score from 27.6 to 75.8, passing a full component test for the first time in two years and securing the wing’s 99% pass rate. Harding led a three-member kitchen duty team for the Fisher House, providing guidance to the preparation of 50 meals, contributing to the overall annual feeding of 25,000 families, and propelling the overall savings of $575 million for medical treatment and support for veterans. He facilitated monthly discussions for 16 members, focusing on building and sustaining a thriving and resilient work center, increasing unit cohesion and connectedness and  tackling the CSAF Action Plan of "Resilience is Foundational to Readiness."

Airman 1st Class Javier M. Colon
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Javier M. Colon
UNIT: 502nd Communications Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Client Systems Operations Technician
Airman 1st Class Javier M. Colon’s character demonstrated "true" leadership in rehabilitating an at-risk peer. By authoring a fitness program and training with the member for eight weeks, he prioritized readiness and “wingmanship,” averting the member's third physical training failure. Coordinating with the Armed Services Blood Program, Colon hosted a three-hour mobile blood drive, liaising across the 502nd Installation Support Group to inspire 23 donors to contribute 28 units; delivering $10,000 in vital blood supplies for DOD medical procedures. He connected with the Soldiers Angels community, and by sacrificing four hours and supplying local citizens with needed goods, he contributed to the distribution of 1,000 pounds of food to accommodate 193 needy families via the San Antonio Food Bank.

Airman 1st Class Jasmine L. Cook
RANK/NAME: Airman 1st Class Jasmine L. Cook
UNIT: 531st Intelligence Support Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Administrative Technician
Airman 1st Class Jasmine L. Cook was selected as representative for the JBSA Airman's Voice Council providing unit personnel for on- and off-base events. She amassed 30 volunteers, collected 50 pounds of trash, and raised $2,000 in charity funds for a children's shelter. Cook devoted five hours during a memorial service for a fallen Airman, setting up a wreath and PA system, creating an event program, as well as guiding 50 attendees, assuring a dignified service and was coined by the 531st Intelligence Support Squadron chaplain. She provided support for the Hike For Hope event. She rallied 12 volunteers who provided food, water, and aid to hikers, improving community awareness and raising $1,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Airman Lonnie B. Sahm-Porter
RANK/NAME: Airman Lonnie B. Sahm-Porter
UNIT: 502nd Security Forces Squadron
DUTY TITLE: Installation Access Controller
Airman Lonnie B. Sahm-Porter coordinated tuition assistance workshops with the 802nd Force Support Squadron Education Office, facilitating the enrollment of three peers from 16 Airmen and NCOs into higher education institutions, empowering them to pursue academic and career ambitions. He inspired three Airmen during a 16-hour volunteer effort at the San Antonio Food Bank; distributed 15,700 pounds of goods, estimated at $18,300, supporting 200 families in South West Texas, fostering goodwill in Military City, USA. Sahm-Porter coordinated a certification class for eight personnel, and oversaw 50 PT sessions for 16 Airmen and NCOs, leading to a 6% increase in the unit's fitness assessment program, enhancing the preparedness of 141 Defenders.