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NEWS | Jan. 16, 2024

Space Force Basic Military Training launches new tradition

By 1st Lt. Charles Rivezzo Space Training and Readiness Command Public Affairs

The U.S. Space Force has introduced a meaningful new tradition to its Basic Military Training graduation ceremonies at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

In a move that celebrates both the service members and their families, graduating Guardians will now present Delta-shaped U.S. Space Force Family lapel pins to their loved ones during graduation week. This gesture, which began on Dec. 27, 2023, in conjunction with the U.S. Space Force's fourth birthday, symbolizes the deep connection between the Guardians and their supportive families.

The idea for this tradition emerged from a broader discussion within Space Training and Readiness Command’s Delta 1, the Space Force Delta responsible for overseeing BMT and follow-on initial skills training.

The new tradition is aimed at enhancing the BMT experience and fostering a closer connection with families, said U.S. Space Force Maj. Clinton Emry, 1st Delta Operations Squadron, Det. 1 commander.  

“This event goes back to a fundamental part of our training methodology,” Emry said. “Unlike other branches of service, we don’t break members down only to build them back up. Instead, we take what ‘mom and dad’ from Main Street America have nurtured: smart, creative, and talented individuals. Our mission is to train them, inspire them, and motivate them to new levels, to build a Guardian. This pinning ceremony is our opportunity to extend our gratitude to those family members, acknowledging their critical role in shaping the individuals who will become the backbone of the Space Force.”

Witnessing the first-ever family pinning ceremony, Emry said families receiving these pins expressed immense pride and appreciation.

“They have a piece of BMT and their Guardian’s journey now,” he said. “Having this connection start right from the very beginning of a Guardian’s military journey is crucial.”

Moreover, he added that this token of recognition extends the spirit of the Space Force into communities, symbolizing not just the achievements of their Guardians but also the enduring support of their families.

“They will wear their pins back in their hometowns and the pride of sharing ‘my family member is in the Space Force’ will help generate propensity and hopefully inspire future Guardians to enlist,” he said. “Those hometowns are the ‘why’ we serve in the first place. We protect and defend the Constitution and our way of life.”

This initiative aligns with the broader vision of the Space Force, reinforcing the bond between the service, its members, and their families from the outset.

The pins were designed and underwritten through a grant from the Air Force Association’s United Forces & Families program.