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NEWS | Feb. 4, 2022

Feedback Fridays

By Brig. Gen. Caroline M. Miller 502d Air Base Wing and Joint Base San Antonio Commander

Feedback Fridays is a weekly forum that aims to connect the 502d Air Base Wing with members of the Joint Base San Antonio community. Questions are collected during commander’s calls, town hall meetings and throughout the week.

If you have a question or concern, please send an email to using the subject line “Feedback Fridays.”

Questions will be further researched and published as information becomes available. 

Q: What processes have been put in place for us to report infrastructure issues beyond our facilities person? Both the Gateway Chapel and Freedom Chapel at JBSA-Lackland have rodent and mold problems.                

Black mold is growing in the small sanctuary. The mold continues to grow and has made an entire worship space untenable. To my knowledge, the last time someone surveyed the room the chapel staff was told, “You’ll have to wait until someone gets sick before anyone takes care of this.”           

There are issues with ceiling tiles falling regularly as well. We have received paper sticky traps that the rats chew through and have resorted to making our own traps to catch them. The rats have become heavy enough that they are breaking through ceiling tiles throughout the building. We have had several tiles fall and have had to block off areas where people cannot sit.

A: Thank you for your continued interest in the state of JBSA-Lackland’s Chapels. 

Our chapels are vital for the spiritual health and success of Basic Military Training, technical training and permanent party communities. I thank you for your diligence in getting these concerns the attention they deserve. 

The 502nd Civil Engineers have met with Chapel leadership and are pursuing actions to correct problems. A mold remediation contract is being developed for Gateway Chapel’s small sanctuary and our pest management team has been actively trapping in the large sanctuary. 

Trapping efforts led to the capture of three raccoons in the ceiling. Once we know all animals have been removed and we address reported ceiling leaks, ceiling tiles will be replaced. The water leaks in room 12 are due to a foundation water intrusion, which our engineers are assessing to determine a course of action to correct. Once this is stopped, the room 12 carpet will be replaced.

The Freedom Chapel has also been assessed to address problems. Our pest management team is trapping rodents at this chapel to remove the foxes and other small animals foraging in the area. We are pursuing a contract for bat exclusion and sealing which we expect to execute in March 2022.

A roof assessment contract will determine the causes of roof leaks and the best method to repair them. Roof gutters and downspouts are also being assessed. New doors should be installed at the Freedom Chapel by April 2022. 

Thank you again for your efforts to improve JBSA-Lackland’s houses of worship. We ask that you continue to work with the facility managers of the chapels in identifying facility repair needs to help us ensure these vital community resources continue to provide spiritual vitality to the JBSA community.      

Q: Can someone please take a look at the road at the entrance of JBSA-Fort Sam Houston? The entranceway between the Soldier Recovery Unit and the Fire Station is in great disrepair and poses a real threat to cars and personnel alike. I have asked the police and Airmen for information on whom to contact.

I was bounced between the provost marshal’s office, the guards at the gate, the 502nd visitor center, and, in the end, was given an erroneous number for public works. Each one of the personnel that I spoke to would tell me that it was none of their concerns and pass me on.

It would also be helpful to have a published number for things like this.              

A: We would like to thank you for being observant and willing to provide input to JBSA leadership. 

Upon checking with our Civil Engineers, they have already started efforts to repair Schofield Drive from the intersection near the fire station down to the railroad tracks. 

They are funding a major contract this year and are currently developing the schedule and traffic plans.  The goal is to have the work done this summer.   

Thank you for providing us with this feedback and allowing us to provide the best service to our JBSA community.