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NEWS | Nov. 24, 2021

BAMC’s Department of Nursing seeks dog teams

Brooke Army Medical Center Public Affairs

The Department of Nursing at Brooke Army Medical Center is looking for very qualified and dynamic dog teams to aid in the department’s healthcare mission.

Specifically, dog teams will therapeutically interact with patients, family members and staff assigned to the wards.

Interested owners must be able to present all necessary certification documents at the time of the interview.

The team’s certification must be issued by a licensed evaluator applying a nationally recognized curriculum and must include the following information, no exceptions:

  1. Picture identification of animal/animals and owner
  2. Name of owner and animal/animals
  3. Expiration date
  4. Temperament Standard
  5. Name of the organization issuing the certification document
  6. Name and telephone number of AAA/AAT supervisor
  7. Determination of animal/owner team status (AAA or AAT)
  8. DD Form 2209 Veterinary Health Certificate with updated immunization record or commensurate certified documentation issued by the state, etc.
  9. A statement that the animal/animals is/are at least one year old and that the owner has had the animal/animals for over a year

During the interview process, teams must demonstrate the animal’s ability to respond to the owner’s commands, such as: “Come,” “Down,” “Sit,” “Stay” and “Leave It,” etc.

Owners/animals with a temperament not suited to an unpredictable, complex environment (e.g. children, crowds, etc.) will not be selected.

Interested owners/teams should contact BAMC’s Nursing Operations at 210-916-5881 to set up an in-person interview. Pet team requirements and availability will be discussed.

Applicants need to bring the animal/animals and all necessary documentation to the interview.