NEWS | July 16, 2021

Trespassing at Combat Arms Firing Complex is illegal, dangerous

By Tech. Sgt. Robert A. Allore 37th Training Support Squadron

The Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Combat Arms Firing Complex at 900 Patrol Road, building 950, just off Medina Base Road, is classified as a “non-contained” range, or impact range.

The display of a red flag and/or a rotating red beacon is located at each range entry point at the JBSA-Lackland Medina Annex range. The rotating red beacon is used during night firing. This flag or beacon indicates the range complex is in operation and firing is scheduled.

The perimeter of the Combat Arms Firing Complex is marked with signs displaying “DANGER, WEAPONS FIRING IN PROGRESS, KEEP OUT.” This signifies that people should not pass the fence.

Upon entering the range complex, there are signs which display the warning “DANGER, DANGER FIRING IN PROGRESS WHEN RED FLAG IS FLYING.”

Entrance downrange of the range complex is unauthorized and trespassing is illegal, as well as dangerous, due to gunfire. People requiring access downrange of the firing ranges can coordinate with range operations at 210-671-2349 for authorization.