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NEWS | Feb. 2, 2021

Total Force Airmen can now self-report joint experience in MyVector

By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Total Force officer, enlisted and civilian personnel now have the ability to input their joint experiences within the MyVector platform, allowing members to, more effectively, report joint experiences when being selected for future development and assignments by commanders.

“This is a unique capability that tracks joint experiences across eight dimensions and sets the foundation for strengthening joint leaders and teams,” said David Crabtree, Force Development Integration and Policy chief. “Further, it arms commanders, senior raters and development teams with information previously unbeknownst to them because a member’s joint experiences were never tracked to this level.”

The update allows Airmen and Guardians to self-report joint exposure, including education, training and experience, in "Duty History" under the experience tab.

“MyVector is a platform that contains a variety of modules to provide Airmen the tools they need for force development, talent management, mentoring and assignments,” said Maj. Angelica Cubillos-Fonseca, MyVector Force Development program manager. “Using the new Joint Talent Tracking Management System, or JTTMS, the information provided will be validated and stored in MyVector to make more informed talent management decisions.”

JTTMS does not replace the Joint Officer Management Program where officers receive formal statutory joint credit for sitting in a Joint Duty Assignment position or receive Experience Joint Credit through the self-nomination process, explained Cubillos-Fonseca. The processes and procedures still must be followed.

JTTMS also provides a more visible record of joint experience, giving senior leaders and development teams additional information to allow for more deliberate development of Airmen and Guardians identified to fill critical joint-duty positions at the right time with the right skills to succeed in a joint environment.

To update your joint experience, log into the CAC-enabled MyVector at, go to the experience section, complete the application process and forward it for supervisor approval.