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With adversary threats growing daily, operations security, or OPSEC, is more important than ever. OPSEC experts are heralding the call for advanced protection, both inside and out of the office, for all.
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As part of its effort to streamline operations and increase aircraft range and capability, the Department of the Air Force launched the pilot Mission Execution Excellence Program to incentivize optimized flying on aircraft that consume the most fuel across the enterprise.
An Airman uses a gaming rig with Developing Airmen and Guardians with Games for Enhanced Readiness programs to learn practices.
LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network that allows members and businesses to grow by professional networking, providing access to career development opportunities, allowing employers to post jobs and individuals who are on the market to apply for new roles and learn about new companies.
One of the biggest changes for the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program this year is the updates to 2022 Air Force Trials. Normally this big event is held at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, but due to Covid, this year things will be different. The 2022 Air Force Trials is coming to Joint Base San Antonio, Texas March 19-27.
As the two-year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s March 11, 2020, COVID-19 pandemic declaration approaches, there are a number of questions on the minds of public health professionals and the public. While nobody can speak with 100 percent certainty, the vast majority of public health experts, including those at the Army Public Health Center, agree the future will likely involve a new normal, rather than a return to a pre-COVID-19 world. (U.S. Army Pubic Health Center graphic illustration by Joyce Kopatch) (Joyce Kopatch)
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The Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation celebrates U.S. air power history by providing annual heritage flight demonstrations around the world. Heritage flights are flown at events ranging from open houses and air shows to sporting events, parades and funerals. (U.S. Air Force graphic)
Graphic showing COVID relief efforts
Graphic showing COVID relief efforts
Graphic showing COVID relief efforts
Civilian Development nomination window opens; expanded eligibility
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