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5th ROTC Brigade takes second at inaugural survival challenge

By | April 19, 2017

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, or SAAPM. Joint Base San Antonio planned several events throughout the month to raise awareness and help create a culture that can eliminate sexual assault and among these events was the inaugural Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Survivor Challenge.

Twelve teams comprised of civilians, active duty and retired military met at JBSA-Randolph to compete in the event. The teams consisted of five to 10 members who competed in a series of mental and physical challenges, loosely based on the “Amazing Race” television show.

Allison Miller, Amy Fields, Brian Edwards, Martin Lopez, Thaddeus Chase and Capt. Katrina Clark represented the 5th ROTC Brigade, United States Army Cadet Command.

The mental challenge consisted of five members and began with each team receiving a clue. The clue led the team to a destination on base. The key was finding the correct location based on the clue.

Once the whole team arrived at the location the team was required to answer a question in order to receive the next clue. If the question was answered wrong, it was documented and a 30-second penalty would be assessed to the overall time. The clues all led to organizations that assist survivors of sexual assault.

The mental challenge ended at the Rambler fitness center where the physical challenge took place.  The physical aspect of the competition consisted of five stations. A team member had to complete an event then tap the next team member or be assessed a penalty.  

At the first station, the assigned member had to run with a 60-pound bag over their shoulder. Next, a teammate would be waiting to run backwards dragging a 35-pound weight.

The third station, which proved to be the most difficult for many teams, required the competitor to flip a 90-pounf "tire" for several yards. At the fourth station, the participant had to push a 45-pound sled and run to the final station, where the last competitor was waiting, strapped into a 50-pound flack vest and finished the competition with a quarter mile run around the track.

The goal of the competition was to raise awareness of victims of sexual assault and awareness of SAAPM.

(Source: 5th ROTC Brigade United States Army Cadet Command)

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