Electronic Prescribing & Faxed Prescriptions
Thank you for choosing JBSA Pharmacy to fill your prescription needs.  Your civilian network provider can prescribe medications directly into the following JBSA Pharmacies with the following information:

1. San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) Main Outpatient Pharmacy is called "DoD Ft Sam ePhcy"

2. JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Community Pharmacy is called "DoD Ft Sam Comm ePhcy"

3. JBSA-Lackland Satellite Pharmacy is callled "DoD Lackland ePhcy"

4. JBSA-Randolph Pharmacy is called "DoD Randolph ePhcy"

Your Civilian Network Provider can also electronically fax (E-Fax) your prescriptions to the following JBSA Pharmacies through SureScripts.

1. Your provider can also search for us in their SureScripts Fax-Directory directory as:

"BAMC Main Clinic Pharmacy" - Note: BAMC does not accept non-electronic fax prescriptions.

"Randolph BX Satellite Pharmacy" or use fax number 210-652-3516

"Lackland Satellite Pharmacy" or use fax number 210-292-7207

2. Prescriptions must be legible and they must originate from the doctor's office; not directly from the patient.

3. Prescriptions must have doctor's printed name, signature, contact information, DEA number and/or NPI number on the


4. Prescriptions must include patient's full name, date of birth, patient weight if less than 40 kg (88 pounds), phone number, and last four of sponsor's SSN. If this information is not properly provided, it may delay the preparation of your prescriptions.