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NEWS | Sept. 11, 2020

JBSA First Sergeant Diamond Sharp Awards

By Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council

The Diamond Sharp Award is sponsored by the Joint Base San Antonio First Sergeants Council and recognizes outstanding Airmen who continually exceed the standard to meet the Air Force mission.

Rank/Name: Senior Airman Chance Capinia

Unit: 453rd Electronic Warfare Squadron
Job Title: Computer Programmer

Senior Airman Chance Capinia volunteered at the San Antonio Food Bank to organize meals for delivery to serve the local community. His efforts led to raising $1,300 to support the food bank. He is working on his bachelor’s degree in software engineering not only to further himself but enhance the unit’s mission, maintaining a 3.7 grade point average. Capinia maintains reference databases for the operational system, allowing verification and fact-checking changes in the electronic warfare environment. He also sought training in web-based development in order to help move the operating system to be web-based, allowing for external interaction and increasing outside agency collaboration.

Rank/Name: Senior Airmen Malik D. Williams

Unit: 75th Intelligence Squadron
Job Title: Target Digital Network Analyst

Senior Airmen Williams sets the standard for other Airmen. In August, he led his team in initial target development to identify high-value targets that led to 100 megabytes of intelligence collection, shaping future offensive cyber operations for several combatant commands.  While continuing to pursue his associate’s degree in intelligence studies and technology, he also completed the demanding Network+ certification. Williams also volunteered more than 60 hours of service to a local youth basketball organization where he fostered teamwork and sportsmanship.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Val Khalili

Unit: 33rd Network Warfare Squadron
Job Title: Content Development

Staff Sgt. Val Khalili created the First Sergeant Database, which allows first sergeants to electronically track family care plans and professional military education. The database has been shared with all first sergeants across two major commands and throughout Joint Base San Antonio, all of which have given rave reviews on the ease of use. Khalili deserves this award because of his hard work, dedication and willingness to assist wherever needed.

Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Misty D. Nappier

Unit: 802nd Security Forces Squadron
Job Title: Emergency Control Center Operator

Airman 1st Class Misty D. Nappier has internalized and demonstrated outstanding leadership skills while embodying Air Force core values. She has organized three volunteer events supported by 60 unit members, exemplifying the servant to the community mindset.  She organized a San Antonio Food Bank event for Bravo Flight, ensuring all personnel were taking appropriate health precautions during the coronavirus pandemic. She also trained her teammates on Security Forces core tasks. Nappier took it upon herself to lead by example by mentoring flight members with college advice for their desired degrees while she obtained her master’s degree.  She is someone that is highly caring and displays what a true Wingman is, showing it daily in on and off duty activities.

Rank/Name: Staff Sgt. Tykeria L. Dinkins

Unit: 616th Air and Space Communications Squadron
Job Title: Knowledge Operations Management

Staff Sgt. Dinkins Tykeria L. Dinkins volunteered to cover another member’s shift for several months during the Enterprise Operations Center manning shortage, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently received a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and continues to strive to enhance her technical skillset. She has streamlined the operations center’s Authorized Scheduled Interruption process for our customers by revamping the SharePoint page. Dinkins also took the lead in getting the section’s teleworking laptops set up and ready for use.

Rank/Name: Tech. Sgt. Noah K. Paakaula-Cox

Unit: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office-South Central
Job Title: Cyber Logistics Section Chief

Tech. Sgt. Noah K. Paakaula-Cox chaired the unit’s first-ever Professional Development Committee, facilitating a leadership course for 16 joint-service personnel over a virtual platform. He recently completed his bachelor’s degree in computer networks and cybersecurity and was able to further enhance the information technology capabilities of his 106-member detachment during telework operations. He generated multiple “self-help” guides which included troubleshooting and security update standard operating procedures, with the detachment pushing more than 2,000 patches contributing to a reduction of 842 vulnerabilities. Paakaula-Cox laid the foundation for an $8,000 technology upgrade by creating a computer image consisting of multiple pre-installed unit-specialized software. With this computer image, his team can significantly enhance the hard drive capabilities of 108 systems, which increased computer processing performance allowing unit personnel to enhance service to 31 installations.  Paakaula-Cox’s team resolved 99 percent of all trouble tickets, fixing 168 errors with a 52-minute average, surpassing the unit’s three-day standard.

Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Sonja Trappe

Unit: 453rd Electronic Warfare Squadron
Job Title: Electronic Warfare Signals Analyst

Airman 1st Class Sonja Trappe participated as a tactical analyst at exercise Red Flag 20-3.  During the exercise, she detected 11 hostile surface-to-air missile systems, while issuing 21 reports, ensuring exercise success and prepared aircrews for future conflicts. She has also assisted in organizing three fundraisers for the 453rd EWS booster club, raising $400. She also volunteered eight hours at the San Antonio Food Bank to organize and stock goods. Trappe is active with the Air Force Sergeant’s Association and has made contact with 51 potential new members. She has also been elected to her homeowner’s association board, where she updating 37-year-old rules and regulations document to bring the developments bylaws current. 

Rank/Name: Airman 1st Class Jayla Tate
Unit: 502nd Security Forces Squadron

Job Title: Installation Entry Controller

Due to COVID-19, Airman 1st Class Jayla Tate’s technical core training was cut short and she assumed her position as an entry controller, even though she was lacking essential training that most of her peers received. She routinely sought after and completed flight training tasks early, earning her assignment weeks before her peers. Tate’s skills were instrumental to apprehension during a high-stress gate runner incident, quickly subduing and gaining compliance of the irate suspect while performing a search for concealed weapons and drugs. Tate attended an educational brief with hopes to further her professional education, later briefing 36 flight members how to obtain tuition assistance.