306th Flying Training Group

The 306th Flying Training Groupis located at the U.S. Air ForceAcademy in Colorado Springs, Colo.Our mission is "Airmanship...Leadership...Excellence"
About the 306th FTG
306th Flying Training Group 
The 306th FTG, located at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., provides management and oversight of Academy airmanship programs involving 2,500 cadets annually and of the U.S. Air Force Initial Flight Training (IFT) program involving approximately 2,200 undergraduate flight training candidates annually. The group ensures powered flight, soaring and parachuting courses contribute measurably to the leadership and character development of cadets. Additionally, the group ensures quality initial flight training and identifies those officers with the ability to succeed in follow-on undergraduate flight training. 
306th FTG Squadrons
1st Flying Training Squadron 
Located in Pueblo, Colorado, the 1st FTS oversees and conducts IFT for over 2,200 Air Force aviator candidates per year.  The IFT’s mission is to train undergraduate pilot, combat systems operators and remotely-piloted aircraft candidates in the fundamentals of aviation and prepare them for follow-on training.

306th Operations Support Squadron 
The 306th OSS provides operations support for the U.S. Air Force Academy’s airmanship programs, as well as the Academy’s airfield. The squadron manages airfield and airspace operations, aircrew flight equipment, tours and orientation rides, as well as overseeing the Department of Defense’s largest aerial events program. 

94th Flying Training Squadron 
The 94th FTS conducts more than 20,000 training and competition glider sorties annually, focused on developing officers, leadership, and character. More than 330 cadets take a basic solo course in sailplanes (Airmanship 251) and more than 1,100 cadets participate in the basic soaring course (Airmanship 250). Additionally, cadet instructors compete nationally in aerobatics and sailplane racing team competitions.  The squadron operates 24 sailplanes with seven tow aircraft. 

98th Flying Training Squadron 
The 98th FTS conducts parachute training for 700 Academy cadets annually. This training focuses on safety and emergency procedures, which enhance student confidence and maximize performance under extremely stressful conditions. In addition to basic jump training (Airmanship 490), the 98th FTS also oversees the Airmanship 491 “Wings of Green” and Airmanship 492 “Wings of Blue” competitive and demonstration parachute programs. Training is conducted using three UV -18Bs, or “Twin Otters.” 

557th Flying Training Squadron 
The 557th FTS conducts more than 12,600 training and competition hours annually, focused on developing leaders of character among U.S. Air Force Academy cadets. It operates airmanship training courses designed to introduce cadets to powered flight and provides them with an opportunity to solo in a T-53 Kadet 2, a light, general aviation aircraft. Cadets participate in the squadron’s Airmanship 419 and 420 courses. The 557th FTS also operates the cadet Flying Team, which competes nationally against other universities.  The squadron operates 24 T-53 Kadets, 4 T-41 Mescalero, and 3 T-51 aircraft.
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