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  Our Air Force has seen a sharp rise over the past few months in mishaps that seem to have two common themes: compliance and decision making. These factors have been cited as causal in more than 60 percent of the mishaps reviewed.
JBSA Commander's Message-Choice's Matter
JBSA-Randolph Washington Circle Traffic Rules

Base Alert Information

For inclement weather notifications and current, automated information on base operating status during a natural disaster, crisis or emergency, call your local Straight Talk line.
Fort Sam Houston: (210) 466-4630
Lackland: (210) 671-NEWS
Randolph: (210) 652-7469

You can also check the JBSA Facebook page for updated announcements at

Weather Conditions
Local Traffic Cameras

Emergency Services Resources:

Air Force Information Source
Air Force Be Ready
Basic preparedness





Post event reporting of your location/status


JBSA Safety Office Contact

JBSA-Lackland    210-671-5028
Organization email:         

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston   210-221-4543
Organization email:             

JBSA-Randolph    210-652-1842
Organization email:

Camp Bullis Safety Office Locations:
The Camp Bullis Joint Base Safety Officer is located in Building 5050 (Supply), room 17 next door to the Camp Bullis Headquarters. The Camp Bullis Safety Office is an extension of the 502nd Air Base Wing. It is open Monday thru Friday from 0730 to 1630. The Camp Bullis Joint Base Safety Officer can be reach at, 210-295-8310,

Range Safety: Range Safety is co-located with Range Control in Building 6110. The Range Safety Officer can be reach at, 210-295-7606.

Risk Assessments:
Risk Assessments for all training and operations conducted at Camp Bullis are due to Camp Bullis Range Control at least 10 days prior to arrival. Additionally, units must bring two (2) copies of their risk management worksheet when they come to Camp Bullis to train. One copy will be retained by Range Control, and the unit will maintain one copy while training.

Motorcycle Training: For motorcycle training, call 210-671-5028.

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