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Unit Mission


The purpose of the Special Victims’ Program is to provide support to victims of sexual assault through independent representation; build and sustain victim resiliency; empower victims; and increase the level of legal assistance provided to victims.  Victims will be provided free legal assistance for civil issues as well as guidance and support during the military justice process.


About Us


The Special Victims’ Counsel (SVC) is separate from the Legal Office and the Area Defense Counsel (ADC), allowing the attorney to concentrate solely on the needs of their client. The SVC is also separate from SAPR or Family Advocacy as SVC’s offer legal services and does not report to local leadership.  SVCs provide clients with confidential legal advice, protect client’s rights and privacy interests, explain and advise Military Justices process, attend hearings with clients and advocate for client’s needs. 



  • Active Duty (AD) Air Force (regardless of perpetrator(s) status)
  • Adult and Minor Dependents of AD personnel (AD military perpetrator)
  • Civilians (only if eligible for legal assistance under AFI 51-504 par 1.3 and AD military perpetrator)
  • AD Other Branches (we will forward requests to respective branch)
  • Exception-to-Policy (case-by-case basis) – contact SVC personnel for eligibility questions

For Special Victims’ Counsel services throughout the Joint Base San Antonio Area (JBSA), please contact the following offices:


  • Office (210) 221-3796
  • Duty Cell (347) 871-7189

You can also request SVC services through SAPR or Family Advocacy to keep your Restricted/Unrestricted options open.  Other options also include: local legal office, First Sergeant, or Military Law Enforcement.


Normal Duty Hours:  8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


However, should you need us outside of duty hours, please contact our duty cell or your local SAPR office.



  • JBSA-Lackland: 1880 Carswell Blvd Room 223 (2nd Floor, across the SAPR office)
  • JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: 3555 Patch Road R212
  • JBSA-Randolph: Please call the office or visit the JBSA-Lackland or JBSA-Fort Sam Houston offices.