306th Flying Training Group

The 306th Flying Training Groupis located at the U.S. Air ForceAcademy in Colorado Springs, Colo.Our mission is "Airmanship...Leadership...Excellence"
About the 306th FTG
The 306th Flying Training Group, located at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., provides management and oversight of USAFA airmanship programs involving 2,500 cadets annually and of the U.S. Air Force Initial Flight Training program involving approximately 950 UFT candidates annually. The group ensures powered flight, soaring and parachuting courses contribute measurably to the leadership and character development of cadets and ensures quality flight training identifies those officers with the ability to succeed in follow-on Undergraduate Flight Training.

Specifically, the 306th FTG ...

· Performs unique missions in congested airspace with hazardous terrain and weather for the Air Force's youngest aviators

· Provides oversight for, and empowers, cadet leadership through airmanship programs

· Provides aerospace support for multiple academic programs

· Trains and repeatedly fields national-caliber cadet competition teams

· Communicates for, and recruits for, USAFA and the U.S. Air Force through airmanship demos, static displays and competitions

· Supports all facets of the cadet officer development system to include military, athletic and academic involvement both on and off the airfield

· Melds military training and FAA operations into a UFT-like flight environment at Initial Flight Training, Pueblo, Colo.

· Integrates assigned, attached and Reserve personnel supporting the mission

· Provides detailed oversight of contracts to ensure mission accomplishment at three operating locations
306th FTG Squadrons

1st Flying Training Squadron
The Mission of the 1st FTS is to train Air Force aviator candidates for entry into Undergraduate Flight Training as well as to develop outstanding officers through the application of positive life habit patterns and the Air Force Core Values.

94th Flying Training Squadron
The Mission of the 94th FTS is to inspire tomorrow's leadership through the dynamic experiences of soaring.

98th Flying Training Squadron
The mission of the 98th FTS is to develop Airmen through flight in its purest form ... Stand In the Door!

557th Flying Training Squadron
The mission of the 557th FTS is to develop leaders of character through powered flight.

306th Operations Support Squadron
The mission of the 306th OSS is to provide safe, efficient, operations support for tomorrow's leaders.

70th Flying Training Squadron

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