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Protocol Guidance
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
DOD Order of PreferenceDepartment of Defense Order of Preference7/27/2015Download
DODI 7250.13Use of Appropriated Funds for Official Representat6/16/2015Download
AFI 34-1201Protocol6/16/2015Download
AFI 36-3108Memorialization Program and Ceremonies6/16/2015Download
AFI 84-105Organizational Lineage, Honors and Heraldry6/16/2015Download
AFI 16-201 Air Force Foreign Disclosure and Technology Transf6/16/2015Download
AFI 24-301Vehicle Operations 6/16/2015Download
AFI 36-2903 Dress and Personal Appearance 6/16/2015Download
AFPAM 34-1202Guide to Protocol6/16/2015Download
AFPD 34-12Air Force Protocol6/16/2015Download
AETCI 36-2801AETC Recognition Program 6/16/2015Download
AETCI 16-101 International Programs 6/16/2015Download
AFR 900-3 Awards Ceremonies and Honors 6/16/2015Download
AFH 33-337 Tongue and Quill6/16/2015Download
AR 600-20Army Command Policy6/16/2015Download
AR 600-60Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment6/16/2015Download
AR 840-10Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards and Automobiles6/16/2015Download
Policy Use of Government Motor Vehicles 6/16/2015Download
PolicyProtocol Transportation Request Flowchart 6/16/2015Download
AFPDG 2012General Officer Handbook 6/16/2015Download
JBSA Publishing Guide JBSA Publishing Guide 6/16/2015Download
Protocol Service Equivalent UniformsUniforms6/16/2015Download
Table of Service Equivalent UniformsUniforms7/27/2015Download
Marine Corps Order P1020.34GMarine Corps Uniform Regulation 6/16/2015Download

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